E commerce Today- A Brief overview: An Infographi​c

Due to the rapid emergence of the eCommerce landscape all over the world, there is a need to understand its vital statistics and also be aware of the tips that might be useful. Here in this infographic, you will come to see the same tips and features of eCommerce.

There are numerous factors responsible for the steep growth of the eCommerce. People are now finding interesting to shop from their devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops. All this is possible due to the increasing speed and decreasing cost of the internet. The widespread reach of internet has popularized eCommerce ecosystem.

Currently you can see many eCommerce players in the world. The competitive market provides a great marketplace for the customers and that’s why the increase in cart abandonment is noticed. According to some reports, the reason behind this is simply not revealing the rates of the commodities, the presence of too many options to buy a product, increasing trend of comparison shopping, untruthfulness in overall cost while final checkout and the long checkout processes.

People often shop online the products they can get big bargains upon. This includes electronic goods, clothes, books, movie tickets etc.

In the infographic there are many marketing tips provided to invigorate your eCommerce business easily.



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