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Don’t Have Work Experience Or Degree In UX? Still You Can Start A Career in UX web Design



Career in UX web Design

Being a UX designer and holding ranks with some of the big IT firms is a dream for many. Some can easily fulfill their dreams and others failed to work proficiently. People generally have a misconception that UX design is only possible to achieve if you have proper knowledge of skills in this regard. Unless you have years of proper job experience, excelling in this field is not that easy. This is not entirely the case. Yes, it is true that you have to learn the basics but that is what with every possible working arena and not UX only.

But, when it comes to work experience, every major UX designer started from the scratch only and they get to learn more about this creative world through years of practice. Working under experts and then learning from what they show you, will always be the best way to enhance your skill sets and bag the right job when the time comes. Recruitments take place at a regular interval and all the major firms are looking for fresh, smart and new talents through their UX recruitment now. So, if you are aiming for such help, then logging online is the best way to do so. Follow some of the points first, which will help you to become the best UX expert, even when you don’t have a degree or work experience in UX under your sleeves.

Getting to understand design directions:

At first, it is important for you to learn what you are planning to do. Even if you are trying to draw illustrations, what kinds are you aiming for? Are you looking for icons or cartoons, or even animations? Always remember that it is up to you to choose for yourself on what you want to cover right now. No one will be able to perform it better than what you do.

  • You can try being a part of the visual part of designing. If so, then you are asked to become visual designer, as the main career choice to deal with.
  • You can follow the path of a UX designer if you love to think more about the concept on how the products are going to work with users. It will help to make the interface even more convenient, after going through series of tests and analyses.
  • You can even opt to play the role of a product designer if you like both the paths, as mentioned before. Apart from that, to hold this post, you need to understand the product deeply and always try to be in charge of the item. You need to know how to work and improve it.
  • Those people are always invited to work as graphic designer if the likes remain in posters, flyers, magazines, and some of the other POS materials. If you like to work with the identity of the company, then being graphic designer is one option that you can always aim for.

These options are few of the many points that you are going to learn about while thinking about giving your creative side a boost. There are multiple areas available and you need to aim for the specialized interest area only. You have so many directions to choose from. Go through the one you like and get help as and when asked for now.

Time to pay some attention to design:

Unless you have joined the role of web designer, you might have easily ignored the content of sites and structures, and even ignored mobile applications. You have ignored colors and even the use of fonts over here. You can further fail to notice the components. All these will change when you thought of taking UX design as a major career choice now.

  • For example, if you are planning to play the role of an interface designer, then it is time to get started and paying attention to just everything. You might even have to ask some questions to you like the space to put logo in, reasons to use some specified buttons at end of a page and more. You have to learn more about the site as well.
  • Asking some questions to yourself and then finding answers after scrolling down some mental points will not just help you to start using the website but can help in evaluating the same from your professional viewpoint.

Get to use design from the start till last:

It is always advisable to dive right into design, and get to look straight at the people’s work on a daily basis. You need to get involved in this arena from the first till last. There are multiple resources available online just to give a try, and some of the best ones over here are Dribbble, Behance and Awwwards.

This good practice of just viewing some of the other people’s works and even checking out their portfolios will definitely help you to just enter design track and see what others are up to. Some of the major projects might also talk about the decision making descriptions and can also offer you with job descriptions to watch out for. These stages will definitely help you out to be aware of the latest fashion trends and get some of the major inspirations covered.

Try to copy some experts:

You might be wondering how to work as a UX designer if you don’t have experience or idea in it. Even a degree is helpful when you are trying to bag a job from a reputed industry or company. It is really important that you come to learn more about the experts, whose works you are aiming to follow, before you finally work out on this stage. There are different options available and you are asked to be sure of the experts, and then start copying their works. Try to add some twists to make those tasks a bit of your own. It will help you big time.

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