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The Internet is not an independent thing. Only when various applications are utilized, the facility of the internet can be utilized at best. Have you ever heard of web hosting?  In general language, hosting refers to the entertainment of the guest when they approach you.  As a host, you should be very polite in your behavior when it comes to entertaining your guest.  The same way web hosting refers to provide services to various organizations as well as individuals like posting a website or a webpage on their domain.  The responsibility of the web host will be very critical of any problem in providing services to the web users will lead to negativity regarding your service.  As all the business is done online, everything happens within seconds. So, one should be very careful especially when they have taken the responsibility of web hosting.

Web hosting business

Nowadays, web hosting has become a business.  They charge for the services like providing technologies or services related to web page or website. Normally, sites are stored on special computers called servers. Some services are free of cost, but some can be viewed only by paying a premium to the web host.

To view your website on the internet platform, you need to type the website address or the domain it belongs to.  The rest is done automatically.  Your computer gets connected to the server or the web host, and the browser can view your web pages and the rest of content.  The main criteria to opt for web hosting is that you should maintain one domain and that will help you to get connected with the web host.  In case you do not have a domain of your own, then it is the responsibility of the web host to help you in purchasing one domain of your own (provided you approach them).

Whenever your website is viewed, people even concentrate on your webpage.  So, a web designer must ensure that the web designing of the site or webpage is continuous and the website user gets complete information for which he/she has approached you. So, regular updating of the webpage is a must.  You should concentrate on your webpage designing to be in the race.

Since many have succeeded by starting a business of web hosting, even you can start the business, but before that, you should be aware of the types of web hosting services that are required to be provided.

Normally, any website requires the following services most frequently.  So, concentrate on the following features, which will help you in making decisions regarding which service you will be providing and to whom.

  • Website Builders

A beginner very much requires this sort of service.  Today almost all of them, especially the younger generation are aware of how to create a website.  But some are not aware of the technical knowledge but are very much interested in browsing the internet.  So, for people like them, if there are services which will help them to make a website, it will be very helpful for them. Website builder services help you with an interface which is online browser-based and guides you to build your site.  Further, they help the beginner by hosting the website.

  • Owning of server facility 

This facility helps you in purchasing a whole server for your purpose. In other words, you will owe the server and have full rights to the facilities provided by the server hosting providers.

  • Sharing facility 

This facility is utilized by people who wish to share one single server.  The parties willing to share, have equal right of enjoying the technology and applications provided by the server.  The main criteria to avail this facility are that more than one party should be available. Most people prefer sharing of web host services as the cost incurred is comparatively less as you will be having partners sharing not only technology and applications but expenses also.  Only one drawback makes this little facility bit clumsy.  Since some users share the single server, there may be networking problem and the network may work very slowly which may irritate the website viewers. So, the server should imply and have a good network.

  • Dedicated to individual’s facility

In this type of hosting, the server gives the full control of using its technology and software to a single user.  Since you are enjoying the services singly, the cost incurred also has to be borne by you single.  However, the performance of the server may be very fast.

So, when the server is providing so many useful functions, one should be attentive while they are doing web designing. At,  creativity is their main motive.  They believe in working more than speaking. Since the task of the web designer is to keep the website very busy with viewers; the web page designing should be perfect.  There should be perfection in everything- creation, presentation, and reviews.  Only when all the factors are considered and implemented, it won’t give good results.  Providing services like designing, branding, animating videos and marketing, they are playing a significant role in helping the business with their marketing skills.

A web designer is a professional, who creates and earns.  On the other hand, a web hosting company earns money by providing hosting facilities to various websites.  Even though both are related to web, they have their individuality.  But web designing and web hosting can go hand in hand.  A web designer creates a website on another hand a web host hosts a site.  If one single person or company do both the jobs, then the clash between web designing and web hosting can be eliminated.  Because based on the requirement, the company dealing with both these features can help the users by providing excellent services. There are some companies who work in the interest of their clients. Having good expertise in both the fields, the companies are striving to earn more profits for the clients they are working.

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