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Digital Marketing: Career and Job Prospects in India



The purpose of this article is to make you aware about the career opportunity in digital marketing in India 2020. The overall picture looks promising, and as we go about discussing the Digital Marketing career and job prospects, you will also get a fair idea regarding the impact of Digital Marketing in India.

  • The emergence of Digital Marketing

Just like all across the world, market forces in India have ensured that you either deploy Digital Marketing, or become obsolete. That’s because in contrast to Digital Marketing, conventional marketing is found to be very inefficient. Truth be told, in the event that you don’t have a Digital Marketing strategy in place along with an online presence, customers will undoubtedly go far from you, and purchase from a competitor.

On a daily basis, more and more companies are awakening to the fact that Digital Marketing is essential and isn’t an optional thing anymore, in the world of marketing. They might be catching up late, yet they have to, as there is no other way out.

This transition in the way of marketing has led to a huge rise in the Digital Marketing jobs. As per the reports from the Times of India, Digital Marketing alone was to create 1.5 lakh jobs in India, back in 2016! The number in all probability, must have surpassed this figure by now.

Digital Marketing jobs returned to the scene in the year 2010, and began prospering since 2013-14, on account of the start-up era, and the digital boom. Digital Marketing jobs and careers have become so popular in India at present that they are being seen as a mainstream career.

So, to be a part of this trending and hot career option, you can begin by searching for Digital Marketing Institute in Pune, and shortlist one based on your needs. A good way to begin.

  • Digital Marketing as a career in India

Days when marketing took place with the help of banners and cold calling have gone by. In these times, even small scale companies and people have begun utilizing the digital platforms for business promotion and marketing.

Following are some of the primary reasons why Digital Marketing is a good career in India:

– Digital Marketing happens to be a stable career

In case you are to compare a Digital Marketing career with other alternatives, you will come to know that Digital Marketing is a much steadier option, and there is better scope for for growth and development. You can begin with an executive position and can progress towards becoming a team leader, project manager or even an analyst. You can continue to add new skills to additionally grow in your career.

– Digital Marketing professionals are better paid in India

As a Digital Marketing professional, you would begin your career with a basic pay. However, as you advance and become proficient, you will certainly be able to earn more than what you were earning, when you began your career. No one can really tell when an opportunity will come your way, and you will land a job which might pay you multiple times more than you are currently getting.

– Digital Marketing is enjoying a faster growth rate in the country

Owing to a rise in the number of the web users and digital gadgets, companies have began investing big in Digital Marketing. That speaks a lot about the growth of Digital Marketing.

– A career in Digital Marketing is fun

As opposed to rest of the monotonous careers, Digital Marketing poses with new opportunities and challenges. So, if at all you love challenges and like to learn new things, then here’s a career that would be fun for you!

– The demand for Digital Marketing professionals is ever rising

If you go through the recent job profiles and the volume of Digital Marketing demand on the job portals, you will understand that the demand of professionals in this field is rising very fast.

Increase in the use of online shopping and e-commerce is additionally responsible for this increase in demand.

Therefore, going for Digital Marketing as a profession after graduation, would serve to be your best choice, in case you are passionate regarding sales, marketing and internet technologies. Digital Marketing brings to the table, numerous job profiles, a good pay scale, and a stable career path.

  • Job opportunities and career scope in India

One of the biggest benefits of seeking a career in Digital Marketing is that you need not bother about a particular set of qualifications, so as to pursue Digital Marketing. A true passion is the thing required to have a successful career in Digital Marketing. Another major advantage is that a Digital Marketing career is the best to maintain a work-life balance.

You can check out the various social media platforms, LinkedIn and furthermore, the job portals, you will observe a demand for the Digital Marketing professionals, organizations are recruiting SEO professionals, Social Media Marketing experts, content writers, PPC specialists, Digital Marketing managers etc. You will thus discover a great number of jobs opportunities in Digital Marketing.

Also, you will find that Digital Marketing jobs are on the rise in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and rest of the smaller cities such as Surat, Pune, Noida and Ahmedabad. So, if you are a resident of Mumbai, you can enroll into a digital marketing course, and get trained for a career in Digital Marketing.

The count of available jobs in Digital Marketing is increasing quickly. In the past couple of years, there happened to be a whopping 800, 000 Digital Marketing jobs across India. A large number of these jobs are based in the various metro cities. Being a Digital Marketer, you can get a job with a PR, a digital marketing agency or an advertising company, IT giants like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc. and any brand that requires advertising. Not to forget the fact that the pay scales are likewise extremely attractive.

Here is one of the best career options in India, for those who wish to pursue. So, lay a solid foundation for yourself, by opting for a suitable course amongst the various Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai, or in any in your city.

Wishing you a prosperous career ahead !!!

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