Digital Coupons


Digital Coupons

Who doesn’t want to save on their purchases while shopping from the online destinations? The invention of coupons by the Coca-Cola Company a century ago has completely revolutionized the consumer’s shopping experience. These vouchers, though promotional, are in high tides in recent times and assist in getting good deals, thanks to coupon providers like Zoutons!

Recent analysis on the customers clearly shows their inclination towards the incentives these coupons offer to them. More than 95% respondents are positive towards the digital coupon industry. They even applauded the advantage to select a better brand at cheaper rates when they are indecisive in choosing them. Wide usage of coupons has even attracted companies to get involved in this market. Increasing competition is good for the consumers and it is the reason they switch between brands more easily than before.

Despite the fact that these coupons are a great medium in getting superior deals for users, some folks still underestimate coupon trends and are intriguing some myths of the digital coupon industry. Here is what their myths are and see what we present to debunk them.

Myth #1 Coupons are available for junk foods only:

Invariably coupon usage is higher in the food industry and many processed and junk food chains are offering lucrative proposals (McDonalds, Dominos etc.) on their products. Likewise, healthy food vendors are also offering discount coupons. We can see coupon deals on fruits, eggs, milk, frozen vegetables etc. at mega marts.


Myth #2 Use of coupons online has lesser saving compared to shopping at stores


Shopping stores sell their products at great margins and provide sale offers after adjusting higher margins only. When you buy directly from vendors online, apart from saving other expenses (marketing, transport, conveyance etc.) you can save more by after availing coupon discounts.


Myth #3 Coupons must be used only for general items:

Using coupons is indifferent of the products. There are cheaper deals on products I would have never brought otherwise. My family now takes interest in non-favourite groceries and change their tastes of foods, dresses and more. On weekends now we have better meal plans.




Myth #4 People using coupons are financially backward:

Coupons are not the matter of wealth appearances. They are the opportunistic model of promotional tactics. Anyone interested can avail them for anything. Analysis shows that the lower income group rarely uses coupons. It is interesting to note, college going middle class youth are more inclined towards coupon deals.


Myth #5 Coupon availing folks spend more than the non-availing folks:

If you visit some store and have no coupon, then your choice of product is more, your aim is diverted to get various products. If you have some coupons, you would always be looking for a particular set of products and try to combine suitable coupons to avail best offers. Coupon usage in reality helps to curb unnecessary shopping desires.


Myth #6 I do not get coupons for the products I use:

The digital coupon industry is expanding at a fast pace with daily additions of offers and deals. To save from your favourite stores, sites like offer EBay Coupons, Amazon coupons, Flipkart coupons even coupons for almost anything you can imagine.

All products from food, dresses, stationary, beauty products, groceries, automobile deals, airplane deals, mobile phone, consumer electronics deals are now covered under coupon discounts in different formats, either paper coupons or paper-less coupons (digital coupons). You only need to find them at an appropriate place or from a popular coupon segregating portal.



These basic coupon myths are baseless and often discourage coupon use. All these points are enough to illustrate that when you use coupons, there are chances of cheaper, smarter and efficient shopping. Regardless of blames on coupon usage, the end user results are satisfactory and it can be seen from the increasing craze for getting good deals with ease. Even digital coupon industry now emphasises on the mobile devices to provide coupons with convenience to potential customers.

I know that you might not be in complete unison with my answers, or every myth has been covered here above, but it is requested you could think of all these at least once.