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How to Devise your Digital Marketing Campaigns around National Holidays



 Have you ever heard of these national days?

  1. Clean off your desk day – January 8
  2. National Take a Chance day – April 23
  3. National Kick Butt Day – October 8

The chances are that you would not have. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of such national days celebrated in the US. The growing influence of the social media has fueled this national day campaigns a great deal. You have national holidays, weeks, and months at the drop of a hat. Add your regular bank holidays and religious holidays. What do you have now? Are there any days left on which you can work? Jokes apart, you can use these national holidays to devise unique digital marketing campaigns. Let us see how we can do it.

  • Local SEO –Connect with your Locality

During the holiday season, take benefit through Local SEO. Use all the directories where you are listed to push your marketing messages. There are tools like TribeLocal, Yext, and Yahoo Local who can help businesses, agencies, and local shops to do this.

  • Social media – Content marketing connection


Weave nice content for your blog with the national holiday as a theme. It is important to have content that is relevant to your business. It would be fine if you could publish your post on a particular day. You have the option to post it a couple of days in advance. This can attract some serious search engine traffic towards your website. Have a linking content ready for posting just before the start of the holidays.

Use the relevant hashtag to share the content on social media. People will find you out when they search the hashtag on social media.

Images can say a lot what words cannot. Include relevant images using tools like Canva or Picmonkey for superimposing the name of the national holiday. Add the date and relevant hashtag on the image as well. Sharing images on social media is very popular.

  • Special deals and sales on national holidays

Offering a special deal or running a sales campaign as a national day observance is a nice way to promote your brand. In case you have a physical location, you can very well put up banners announcing the deals. Run a planned email and social media campaign in honor of the national holiday to attract customers.

  • Special theme for events

A celebration of the national day at your physical location or office should be in order. Use this opportunity to engage customer interaction by inviting them to your campaigns.

Do not forget to take pictures of the celebrations and post it on social media using the relevant hashtag. Use these pictures to create an engagement-building post on your company blog.

  • Think out of the box

Celebrating national holidays like President’s Day is very common. Think of the obscure holidays like some of the ones mentioned in this blog. Bakeries can make use of national holidays like Bastille Day, Chocolate Mint Day, and Sticky Bun Day. In fact, February is a Bake for Family Fun Month. Celebrating such holidays should be your endeavor.


The timing of your celebration campaign is very important. These holidays present you with beautiful opportunities to attract customers during the lean season and boost sales. It is one of the best ways to market your slow-moving merchandise during such occasions.

Be creative with your ideas. You have seen the example of bakeries taking advantage of the Bake for Family Fun month in February. If you deal with cookware items, this should be the right time to market your products as well. You can spin your own stories and blog connecting your products and the holiday theme to attract your audience.

Promoting your campaigns everywhere is important. Social media can take care of a majority of your promotional campaigns. Interacting with people is the best way to promote your campaigns. Create and post videos of how to celebrate these holidays.

  • Speak the holiday language

You relate to people better when you speak in the language they understand. Similarly, it is imperative that you speak the holiday language in case you wish to take advantage of the holiday season.

The advantage in adopting this approach is that you can do it all around the year. There is no need for restricting your campaigns to Christmas or New Year. You have Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and a whole lot of similar holidays to celebrate.

Formulate your theme to blend your product and the holiday flavor beautifully. On Labor’s Day, you can advertise, “Rest while we do the work for you”. Businesses such as car cleaning services can use these themes to celebrate with the audience and propagate their brand as well.



  • Spread the message of love

What is business? It is what you can do for others. You should formulate your holiday themes around this idea. Explain how the customer will get the benefit of your services. Use subtle messages to put your point across. The Samsung Galaxy S3 message, “The next big thing is already here’, is a fine example of this theme.


National holidays are dime a dozen in the US. Weave your digital campaigns to blend your product with the holiday themes. In this way, you can attract customers to your website and ensure that you do not lose sales in the lean season as well.    

Shishir is an ex-startup entrepreneur currently working on kickstarting inbound marketing for a Silicon Valley startup. Cracked the code of generating 750K monthly traffic in 10 months by using the creative content.

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