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Detailed Guide on Mobile SEO – An Introduction to Advanced Guide

There are almost 1.74 Billion smartphone users today on this planet and this number is growing every month. Now-a-days people are more interested in using a phone than a desktop PC because of the mobility factor.

A recent study stated that 74% mobile users use search engines for finding things to buy.

It shows the importance of mobile, it also indicates how important it is to optimize your website according to mobile devices.

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Optimizing your website for mobile users will expand the reach of your business, hence you can generate more revenue for your brand, although the question remains how would you do it.

This infographic lists some great points that will help you to prepare your website for mobile devices. Here are three of those points:

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is a technology that can serve the same HTML on the same URL based on the size of the device’s screen.

The responsive method of web designing adjusts the web content according to the device.

Dynamic Serving

Dynamic Serving presents your website with diverse HTML codes on the same URL. However, it depends on the user agent’s request for the content.

Separate URLs

In this approach different URLs are being delivered to the user’s device. It means that you have to develop both desktop and mobile versions of your website so that the correct version can be delivered to the user.

The below infographic clarifies the whole structure of Mobile SEO, it will definitely help you to prepare your website according to its. The infographic is Researched and Designed  by Nine Hertz.

Let us know which configuration do you follow via commenting below and why?

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