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DesignEvo, a Free Platform to Design Logos



If there is something that the Internet has taught us, it is that the technological evolution of web applications has been very fast. Just a few years ago, when people wanted to establish their own business, they left everything related to the marketing of the new company in the hands of a designer.

Currently, thanks to this evolution, you can count on different software alternatives with which you can create your own custom logos by yourselves. It is likely that the results are not quite perfect as when done by a professional, but it is also true that in many cases they will be useful especially when you are in a hurry and you have a very limit budget.

This is precisely what DesignEvo offers, a web application with which you will not need any professional design knowledge to use. If you want to create a logo for your site, new business, or startups, DesignEvo will allow you to create logos for free using a wide catalog of icons and pre-made sources in the application.

You only need to enter the DesignEvo site and start making a logo for free with a mouse click. Once you open the logo creator, you can use the search engine on the left sidebar to find the icons that you are looking for. Each icon can be scaled at will without losing quality, flipped vertically or horizontally, and customized with the desired color. No matter what you want, thanks to its large collection of vector icons, you will surely find the proper icons to build the identity of your brand.

The next is adding text to your logo as it will speak volume about your brand. Choose the Text option on the left sidebar and you can add company name or slogan to your logo. In DesignEvo, more than 100 fonts are available to choose from and you are able to edit text with custom font, color, size, style, alignment and effect.

On the left sidebar, you can choose Shape and add some additional elements to touch up your logo. There are shapes, lines, banner, and symbols for selection.

Once you have finished the work you can download the result for free, without any watermark. You will get a compressed file which contains JPG, PNG and a transparent PNG file. It’s also worth to mention that the Preview function is quite helpful, because you can see how your logo will look like on various materials such as business card, letterhead, company wall, and t-shirt, etc. before you are going to download.

Why you should choose DesignEvo for free logo design?

DesignEvo focuses on logos creating and extends the possibilities of editing and personalization. There are over one million icons available in its database and it provided hundreds of preset fonts, shapes, banners, and symbols which can be scaled without losing quality. It also lists many categories which enable you to start a logo with a ready-made template and make your own changes.



Key Features of DesignEvo:

* Totally free.
* Straightforward and easy to use.
* No professional design skills are required.
* Registration is not required.

* No need to download any software.
* Over a million well-designed icons.
* Hundreds of free fonts.

* Lots of shapes, lines, symbols, and banners.
* Fully customizable.
* Undo and redo function.

* Preview option
* Unlimited free downloads

DesignEvo is a very simple Logo design app to use, something that other programs such as Photoshop or Gimp can not boast of. To begin to have the benefits of this tool, you can visit its website by clicking here.

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