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Design Your Own Logo Quickly & Professionally with Wix Logo Maker



When it comes to your brand image, your logo plays a central role. It is the logo to which people are going to associate your company and its values with. Do you know that you can design your own logo, whether you are running a commercial business, a nonprofit, or your own professional service? And you can do it without help from a professional designer or working with complex designing tools. Wix Logo Maker is the ideal tool everyone to design his or her own logo in minutes.

How does this Logo Maker Work?

Before we even touch on the features of this free logo maker, it is worth showing the simplicity of this software. You don’t need to have any designing skills to create your logo with it.

Logo Maker

The simple steps are as following. The software will ask you a series of questions to come up with logo design suggestions. You can then select a design and customize it as much as you want.

  • Start by entering your company or organization’s name (if you want your brand name to appear in the logo, you can enter the brand name in place of the company name)
  • Describe your business functions (this information is used by the program to determine your category and niche)
  • Select the design suggestion that best matches your preferences
  • Edit the logo design to create a custom logo
  • Download the logo

Since Wix also offers a website designing solution, you can also create your website using this platform.

Free logo maker

The logo customization process is simple too. You can adjust the fonts, colors, and add/remove different elements until you have the perfect logo for your company. The editing interface can be used with simple drag-and-drop functions.

Main Features

Now that you know how simple it is to create a logo with this free logo maker, you would have reasons to explore its different features.

  • Design a Logo Yourself: Forget about hiring the services of a professional graphic designer for creating your logo. With Wix Logo Maker, you can create your own logo by answering a few questions and editing the suggested designs. There are no delays and you don’t have to keep asking the designer to make changes until you get the final design to your specifications. Get it done yourself with simple drag-and-drop tools.
  • Customize the Design: Once you have chosen a suggested design, you can customize it as much as you want until you get what you exactly expected. Customize the colors, fonts, sizes, and all the design elements. And once you have created the perfect logo design, you are going to have its usage rights.

Advantages of Using the Wix Platform

As already mentioned, Wix provides much more than a logo designing tool. You can also design your website and set up your brand online.

  • You get all the tools required for building a strong online presence
  • Wix also provides SEO tools to help your website get found online when people search for your products or services
  • Design a striking and attention-grabbing logo in high resolution. Create a logo that tells about the value your business offers.
  • Design your website by choosing from hundreds of templates
  • Add unique images to your website by choosing from Wix’s repository of thousands of images
  • Host your website from within Wix, without having to visit any other domain hosting service
  • Choose from hundreds of plugins provided by Wix to power your website with different functionalities and features. Create an ecommerce store, set up your SEO strategy, run email marketing campaigns, and do much more.

There is almost no other free logo maker that can allow you to do so much more.

Key Points

Wix Logo Maker is powered by a powerful algorithm that uses your answers to create designs. The tool can be used for free after simply signing-up with your email or Facebook account. Once you sign-up, you can choose which type of package suits you best; you can start with a free version, or download the high-resolution version of your logo by upgrading. The high-resolution vector file can be downloaded after upgrading your account. Then the logo can be printed, added to your website, or used on your print materials or anywhere else.

Wix also supplies a nice visualization, mimicking how your logo might appear on different merchandize items, helping you to envision more clearly how your branded items will look once your logo is ready.


Logo designing by professional services can seem to be a long and complicated process. You have to spend hours explaining to them what you expect from the design. And then it can take weeks of design work and correspondence before the design is something that you wanted. The more time you spend on the designing process, the more you are going to spend. Even though it is important to create a stunning logo that defines your business to its best, you shouldn’t waste so much time, effort and money on it. Wix Logo Maker is a free logo maker that simplifies the process by giving you total control over conceptualization and designing.

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