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How to Create a “BAM!” Online Course that Gets you Passive Income in 2017



It’s freaking hard to make money online, right?That’s the exact reason why almost everyone responds to the “blogging calling”.You know, the “get-rich-quick” scheme.If you’ve ever tried to make money online, you’ll know blogging is by far one of the hardest.And the faster you jump into it, the faster you jump out of it.It’s not a scheme to make you fast-money.In fact, money isn’t even the main priority.But we all have to consider it at one point or the other.The cost spent in purchasing a domain name, a webhost, hiring a designer, an editor, a techie.And all you get is $20.

Even that twenty is just from Uncle Lenny, who tells you to keep up the good work.I’m sure you realize it’s time to stand out.You want to make money doing what you love.And I totally understand.So don’t feel guilty about it.For I’ve come with good tidings.And it’s going to be something that sets you apart from the rest.It’s going to separate the whit from the shaft.And that my friend, is creating an online course.You see, creating an online course can take both sides.It could be daunting and it can be something you can create in 37 seconds, thanks to teachable.

But you see, it’s easy to create a course that makes no money than creating a course that actually makes money.

And not just one of the other dummy students you planted.The question now is, how exactly do you know what to create?How do you create a course that says “BAM!” in your competitor’s face?Better still, where do you start the whole journey from?I know you are lost.But to shed light on this “course creation thing” we’ll have to go through the steps.Basically, I consider these 3 steps when I want to create any course that generates more than $10,000 in 3 months:

  1. Find out who your target audience is

Finding your target audience is almost like Business 101.What I mean is, it’s the basic thing you need to do before creating an online course.I don’t know who you are or where you are from.But I know you need to find a target audience before you sell stuff to them.It is the basis of making successful sales. Not only on courses, but other products as well.It could be a service you are offering, one-on-one coaching, physical products, a software or product launch. It could be anything.

The basic thing is to find who is going to buy your product.

Get where they hang out online, where they buy related products/courses from, what kinds of questions they ask.And don’t go too James Bond on them!Keep it easy, simple and clean.Don’t be a desperate stalker!

  1. Create a sales funnel

I used to ignore this when I started blogging.Why?Everyone was talking about it.Building a sales funnel.It sounded like gibberish. Someone even went ahead and said it works like an actual funnel.Then I gave up.I thought to myself. “Why would I need this imaginary pipeline to grow my blog and make sales?”Turns out a sales funnel is what gets you that “passive income” you need.A sales funnel is a sequence of information that leads your prospect to buy your products and become customers.


It could be anything you want it to be and at the same time, it could be something you’ll never have wanted it to be.

I know it sounds like gibberish, I’ll break it down to you in a second.A sales funnel could be an autoresponder that directs visitors to:

optin to your email list > provides subscribers with valuable stuff 1 > provide subscribers with valuable stuff 2 > a live webinar that solves half of problem 1  >  sells subscribers a lifetime solution to problem 1

It’s not necessary it works like this.It’s a sales funnel.And it’s not something you can easily create on your own.You might have to test the waters a couple of times before you know what really triggers your potential customers emotionally and psychologically.

And if you are a beginner, this is just the basis of what a sales funnel is.It’s mainly a sequence of information that can run on auto-pilot and generate you passive income.To get a well-structured sales funnel, you’ll need to do a ton of research and it’s not something I can cover in one blog post.Learn all you can on building a sales funnel before it gets too late.

  1. Model how your competitors create their courses

There’s a rule of thumb when it comes to business success.By business, I mean creating your first online course, your first online product or physical product.The rule is, model after your competitors.Instead of thinking of what to create, what sales funnel to use, how to deliver your course.The best option is to model after your competitors.Once you do this, there’s a high guarantee that your success rate will be high.Why would this happen?These competitors you are modeling have been successful with the courses they’ve created.

They have a proven sales funnel that seems to work on auto-pilot. There is no need to imagine any other thing.The key step is to go for it.Take a look at your competitors. If it’s possible, buy their products.Check the structure of their email list. What autoresponders do they use and how do they use it.

Are they salesy or do they provide real value?That’s how to model.You don’t need to come up with a strategy you aren’t sure of.You already have your competitors to do the dirty work for you.All you need to do is to be smart and create a better looking course.After skimming through these steps, it might look easy.Creating an online course might look like the right pick for you.But it requires more time than it seems.

Creating an online course requires you to listen, it requires you to learn from others and it requires you to be smart.


Success doesn’t just start with creating your first online course and making five figures.It might require even a sixth course to get the right audience and drive the right amount of sales.This isn’t to make you scared.It’s to make you realize that even if a course doesn’t impress you and doesn’t create a “BAM!” effect, you need to get up on the right foot, and follow these steps with more caution.After all, our goal is to become revolutionary bloggers, isn’t it?

 Iyiola Owabumowa is the founder of The Income Blogger where he teaches bloggers to become revolutionary. You can get his new free eBook: Every Blogger Hustles where he shares all his top traffic secrets on how to grow your blog to 3000 Visitors from start to finish.

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