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Cool Gadgets on Amazon India 2018



Here are the coolest excogitations of gadgets that really exist and can blow your mind. Indian and foreign companies are continually developing amazing gadgets with the latest technology, which made our life easiest. Wanna explore these gadgets? Visit Amazon and explore the coolest gadgets of the year. Here you can purchase these gadgets with amazing Amazon Coupons, discount and offer. Amazon provides a huge range of electronic gadgets at the pocket-friendly price.

Let’s check out some of the Cool gadgets available on Amazon


Laser keyboard is a virtual input device that is designed to provide the functionality of their hardware similitude without the actual use of hardware. We can simply project this keyboard on any flat surface and we can work on this keyboard as like a normal keyboard. Laser keyboard can be simply connected through USB or Bluetooth. Virtual keyboards will take time to become habitual for anyone who used to the conventional hardware.

  • You can choose your choice from so many brands like AGS Design Corporation, Zoook, DMG and many more
  • Virtual keyboards are compatible windows, ios, android, Mac OS.
  • Laser keyboards have the rechargeable lithium-ion battery for making the device better.
  • Laser keyboard uses a sensor technology and artificial intelligence to detect the user finger movements on the keyboard.
  • You can save up to 50% when you are shopping at Amazon as original price is Rs. 6,083 and offer price is Rs 2,999.


Amazon Echo is a smart speaker developed by Alexa is a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service, which responds to the name “Alexa”. This smart speaker is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarm, playing audiobooks and providing weather, traffic, and other real-time information. The original price for this product is Rs. 4,499 and EMI option is also available, starts with Rs. 214 per month.

  • We can use Alexa device as a central hub by which we can connect our smart Alexa-enabled devices. Alexa is available in such forms like Amazon echo, echo dot and echo plus.
  • By the help of this device, we can make phone calls through the echo.
  • We can control our lights, door locks, appliances, switches and other smart home devices using Alexa.
  • Alexa is available with wifi as well as Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speaker.
  • Alexa app is compatible with fire OS, Android, and iOS devices and also accessible via web browser.


Pebble PowerShare-z is a unique and amazing gadget that allows us to transmit the battery power. We can use this device with every OTG-enabled smartphone or tablet or iPhone when its battery has run down completely. This product is currently unavailable because of out of stock.Amazon Electronics category brings great offers and deals on amazing technologically innovative gadgets.

  • It is an easy way to transfer battery charge from one way to another.
  • This device is covered with high-grade silicon cover. It comes with a 6-month replacement guarantee from the date of purchase.
  • This power-sharing device is meant for charging your phones or tablets to some extent in case of need.
  • It comes with self-adjusting capabilities. It allows auto-adjustments as per the synced device.


The robotic vacuum cleaner is an autonomous cleaning device, which has inbuilt intelligent programming and a limited vacuum cleaning system. Using this device, we can clean floors every day without the efforts. The original cost of this product is Rs. 64,900 while by purchasing this product on Amazon one can save up to Rs. 15,000 and can have this product at Rs. 49,900. EMI is also available for this product.

  • This product can be used on old floor type even carpet. It provides 5X more vacuum power.
  • It has dirt inbuilt dirt detects sensors with a high concentration of dirt till all of the dirt captured.
  • This product can cover an entire floor of your home, room including corners and does not miss a spot.
  • This product can operate with iRobot HOME app that allows you to clean your room at anytime from anywhere.

These are only a few products, which we have discussed here. You can explore many more cool gadgets on Amazon. These products are available at the huge discounted price so you can save good perks.

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