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Most Common Link Building Frustrations: Effective Approaches You Should Know



Link building can be quite tedious and at times disappointing. This challenging job needs serious dedication in the process of building a strategy that will work to make it a little less complicated. However, these struggles can help you learn and develop more efficient approaches which can make your success possible and pay off your hard work.

This post enumerates the most common frustrations every SEO specialists and experts face with the link building process and cites possible ways to overcome them:


This mistake is common and frustrating. It is when you rely on a single metric or basis, like domain authority (DA), to determine the quality of the link you are trying to get. Oversimplification bypass the necessary process of taking into account the relevancy of the website you want to post, its landscape of links and potential traffic it could generate.

Time Frame

Although acceptable, the time involved when getting quality links takes very long. The outreach process, especially in email negotiations, can be very tedious. A suggested solution is to use some available tools to semi-automate the process of getting link opportunities and even automating your email templates.

Misinformed about Linking Penalties

When in the process of outreach, you might have experienced negotiating with a website publisher or administrator declining your posts for the reason that it is illegal and Google might penalize their site for linking out to others.

This misinformation hinders the opportunities of sharing more information with a broad range of users and audiences.

Getting a Posting Approval

Making people allow you to link out from their site is always a hard-earned success. Most likely, website owners receive tons of outreach emails or link requests.  Having people entertain your initial outreach pitch can be challenging.

It would be best if you have any other means to facilitate your outreach and link building efforts other than communicating with people through their emails.

Improper Outreach Methodology

Many are misguided about outreach thinking that it is better to send 1000 outreach emails to get a single “yes.” This assumption makes the whole link building process, in general, feels so suffocating for everyone. This technique ends up with email spamming and fully automated outreach which neglect the very concept of relationship building.

In relationship building, you need to have the patience in researching to produce a value-added exchange between the link builder offering interesting contents and the website sending outbound links.

Doing this will cover the demography of the audiences, the tone of the site, and the relevance of the post. At the end of the day, you may reap all the fruits of your efforts.

Cold Outreach Replies

This one is indeed the hardest part of the link building job. Even if you have an excellent content to share with your target site, sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation that the person you are trying to reach is not interested at all. These situations are really beyond your control, but you can minimize this by keeping the right perspectives:

Offer something genuine and inviting as if you are doing someone a favor.

Be honest and transparent with your link building intentions. Sometimes site owners prefer giving a yes to those who disclose their plans for building links right from the start of the outreach.

Communicate with sincerity, build trust and express the intention of continuous collaborations.

Selling or Buying Links

Many people resort to buying or selling backlinks to escape the descent process of link building. When you buy links, tendencies are you will just right irrelevant contents not considering the tone and audience perspective of your target site.

Evidently, paid guest posts published with this approach will just harm both the site and the quality of the backlink in the long-term.

Being Ignored

After spending considerable time of prospecting for link opportunities, crafting flawless pitching emails and sending it in an ideal time which it is most likely to be opened, it can frustrate if you all have left to do is wait.

After finding the perfect opportunity and sending great contents, it can be very discouraging not to hear back from the editor or webmaster. The question, “why aren’t they giving any response?” arises.

Experts have proven that for you to get the highest response chance during your link building outreach, it is always suggested to do the following:

  • Use a personalized and avoid overused explicit subject lines. Also, set your writing style in the active voice.
  • Follow-up the site owners and be persistent but give them the time to open your email. You can’t expect them to read your email right after sending it, right? You wouldn’t want to irritate them and end up rejected for the same reason.
  • Use personalized email templates and promote the idea of value proportion. Point out the benefits both parties are going to get as a result of the exchange.

One Size Fits All Link Building Strategies

While it’s true that anyone can come up with his link building strategy, it would be a frustrating factor to use the same for different link building campaigns. There is more to consider than just relevancy of each campaign. Still, factors like marketing segments, personalization tactics, and demographic filtering should be kept in mind.

Some articles made often fall into the trap of being wasted and never gets the chance to be linked to due to some reasons. This scenario often happens if you don’t focus much on building trust and give less effort in personalizing every link building outreach email.

It would be best to seek expert advice from an SEO expert in NYC if you happen to be misguided of your current strategies and came up with a more focused approach to your link building (of course if you’re from New York City). SEO takes the time to be fully understood so it would be wise to gain some insights from those who are experienced enough with this undertaking.


Despite being a tedious job, link building can be a rewarding activity if you execute it correctly. As any other endeavors, some factors can bring frustrating experience and outcomes. However, properly developing a link building strategy with a personal touch can make your efforts pay off.

Citing these common frustrations and misbeliefs can save any SEO professional from the stress of unrewarding link building efforts. It is best achieved by building trust, putting personalization in your approach and provides value proportions in your link building strategy.

Paul Cowell is a Marketing Coordinator who holds a degree in Business Administration. He is also passionate about learning new things. Thus, during his free time, he often reads and writes articles to share his knowledge and ideas to the general public.

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