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Collaborating on Dropbox for Business Becomes Easier

Emails threads, file sharing and modifications are part of daily business processes in most organizations. But most executives can often find it difficult to collaborate effectively because of limitations in terms of in-file commenting capability in most available tools. Dropbox for Business wants to simplify things through the introduction of its new collaboration tools.

How about having a system that allows you to keep all your discussion threads in one place beside the shared files? The new features in Dropbox for Business allow exactly this.dropbox for business

The new tools allow you everyone on the shared file to make comments in a sidebar. Currently, the available tools don’t allow comments targeted at specific users. But with the new feature in Dropbox for Business, you can also address a person by their email address by using “@”. Once the comment is submitted, the person(s) will receive the notification through an email.

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Dropbox will be releasing the new update within a few weeks. The cloud storage service provider is also offering another new tool – Dropbox Badge. Users of the early access program are already able to use it for almost a year.

The feature allows users of MS Office documents to check on their desktop the other users who are viewing the file. It will also alert you if another user has made changes but not saved yet.

This will help prevent the creation of several versions. Once the changes get saved, you will be able to access the updated version by just making a click on the badge.

The Badge icon will always remain on the desktop. You could also use it for viewing file history, copying links to clipboard for sharing, and view settings for the shared folder.


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Once the two new tools are released, they will make things easier and faster for business users who rely excessively on Dropbox for Business.