Chromecast Setup Guide

Chromecast: A How to Do Guide For Beginners

Everyone is inclined towards many a commendable gadgets that increase productivity, comfort and reliability. The Chromecast is an applauded media streaming device, looking similar to a thumb drive, but can do everything possible to convert your TV, usually not enabled with Wi-Fi, to become capable of streaming any kind of media you like to throw to it whether audio, video or even still photographs.


It comes under the newly risen category of TV dongles, which are capable of casting or sharing the streamable media through the internet to your television set. The most enthusiastic is its price. It is currently priced at $35 and works like a charm, although with some setup glitches. The affordable price tag and the usability are remarkably good thus, this device is a must one for people seeking a cheap but reliable gadget to fill gap between their favorite shows and the lack of their television’s functionality. Our effort is that all techies as well as novice could setup this device in no time become familiar to utilize it to a greater extent than usual.

The lack of a manual to setup for various electronics sometimes seems legit because of often updates and minor changes in the functionality over each update. This guide will hopefully help those beginners that are devoid of basic know-how of setting up this device and want to know how can they plug it and use for casting their media seamlessly. This guide might be handy for all those people who want to taste the technological advancements of streaming media through this trustworthy mobile device. So, pass it onto them too!

Chromecast setup

Setup: the beginning to begin

This looks like a normal USB stick, like your thumb drive and yes it is! The Chromecast is the same device, but the difference is, it comes pre-handy with an HDMI plug at the end. This end snugly fits into your TV set and if you find it to be overcrowded, the additional expansion cable can be utilized. The rear end has one micro USB port, in which you can insert the power cable and plug it in. There are some instances in the older TV sets that do not provide power from its plugs, if your TV does not provide such support too, then don’t panic.

how to fix chromecast

Here is how to fix it:

  1. To find which TV set is yours, simply plug in Chromecast into TV. Now without attaching the power cord, see if there is any provision for power through HDMI port or simple USB port.
  2. If yes, as modern HDMI ports are capable of powering the attached equipments, then your purpose is solved. Just go to the next paragraph below.
  3. If not, then your TV is probably old styled and do not support HDMI powering. Here comes the use of dedicated power cord which comes out of the box delivered to you. Look for a USB port, if there is any and then use it to power the Chromecast device by connecting the other rear end straight to the TV itself. But, if there is no such port, you can plug that end to the power adapter and then plug into the home power source. (Always use appropriate AC source for your equipments)

Adding Chromecast to the Wi-Fi Network:

There are many ways to do so.

1. Via Android or iOS governed device

2. Via your desktop through Google Chrome Browser

In both the cases mentioned above, an app / software specific to the mobile and your desktop needs to be downloaded and then installed. You can opt for any or all of these two options for a more customized and thorough control over streaming media from everywhere in the Chromecast vicinity.

Chromecast to the Wi-Fi Network

Once you plug in Chromecast and install the requisite app, launch it and just follow the in app instructions. Before all this, be handy with your working Wi-Fi name and the password.

You might be wondering why am I saying so, but if you keenly Go through the Google Gadget, it will automatically be cleared of your mind. As specified above, the Chromecast is merely thumb drive shaped. Since there is no input medium, the gizmo is hard to be tethered with your appliance. Thus, for input purpose, the apps installed before on your mobile, tablet or PC become a gateway of connection to the both devices.

The unique network is essentially created by the Chromecast itself and your mobile, laptop or PC joins through it and communicates. Once you do this all, the name of your gizmo can be changed to your favorite one!

What can you cast on your TV:

The initial launch of Chromecast only captivated four apps that were fully functional with it. At the present time, 14 are in accordance with the Chromecast, and more will be added soon. The list of apps currently supported is:

Apps from Google are

  • YouTube
  • Google Play TV
  • Google Movies
  • Google Play Music


Some other apps from reputed streaming media providers include:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • HBO GO
  • Pandora
  • Vevo
  • Songza
  • Plex
  • PostTV
  • Red Bull.TV
  • Real Player Cloud and
  • Viki

Most of these offer subscription to make full use of their outstanding streaming services.

All these apps and the supportive features with the Chromecast can also be found at the page fully dedicated to such apps. You can find it here. It is expected that this one of its kind device and the streaming service will attract other provider’s attention too, and they will gradually be interested in adding apps of their own at this page. It is recommended to check there timely to get updated app’s info.

Chromecast Setup Guide

Once you decide for an app to cast media from, the task is near completion. Launch the app compatible with Chromecast, then, trace and click the cast icon over the screen.

End Note:

If you still miss some of the best providers and their content, then you can utilize Chrome Browser to quench your desires. It is also a handy way to stream, whichever thing you want with the help of Chromecast extension installed.

The nearly “anything possible” to cast environment of this app is very soothing for entertainment lovers. So, when will you buy and setup Chromecast of your own?