Get industry ready by choosing the right college

With the declaration of 12th standard results starts one of the most tedious searches of your life; the search for a higher education.

Among the large number of college available today, choosing the right college is not at all an easy task.

While most of the time this search will take you across the country, peeking into University websites, comparing the courses and course fees, noting down the facilities offered etc, it can be more than a little helpful if you jot down your priorities beforehand. Here you mostly have to do the a little comparing.

Your first point of concern for choosing the right career should be these:

  • Theoretical course or an applied one
  • Generic Study or a specialised course

Theoretical course Vs Applied course

Well, good theoretical knowledge about anything is a virtue of course, but while choosing a course for your career path there should be other factors too that you need to keep in mind.

Today’s business trend dictates a very limited opportunity for theoretical courses.

While you can obviously go for research and academic career, but if you want a business career or wish to be self employed, applied sciences can provide you with far wider choices.

Generic Studies Vs Specialised course

Today’s businesses are specialised beyond comparison. Market trends suggest that if you wish to be in the rat race and come first, you need to find out your niche and focus on that.

Today’s businesses are doing that only.

Thus they do not require jack of all trades, rather they need the master of one. So, whatever is your field of interest, a specialised education on that will give you a far better chance of excelling in today’s business scenario.

Now that you are clear on the type of course you want yourself in, comes the second step; choosing the right college.

Here also you need to keep certain points in mind to take you through the University search.

Courses offered

Most probably you have a particular field of study in mind, if not the exact course. Right?

So start with noting down all the Universities offering courses in that particular field. Now, while deciding on the course to be enrolled for, it is advisable to go for a Degree course rather than a Diploma Curse, as a Degree will fetch you more value in the industry than a Diploma.

Infrastructure of the institutes in question

While going for an applied science or specialised studies, it is very much important to see what kind of infrastructure the institute have.

Because, without the right infrastructure available the institute will not be able to provide you with quality education. And in the present cutting edge business scenario there is literally no scope for second best any more.

To be sure about this one you can check out the NAAC ranking of the particular institute in question. Many media organisation and other bodies also conduct surveys and rank Universities.

Check out these ranking to be sure that you are choosing the right college.

For example, at, Calicut University is one of the highly ranked universities in India, thus if you looking for a course here, infrastructure will not be a problem for you.

Fees and other details

Now a huge fee does not always mean the highest quality of education. While private universities tend to charge a higher course fees, Govt sponsored universities such as Calicut University charges a nominal fee while providing higher quality of education.

Geographical location is also another factor to decide on your choice of University.

Now that you are all sorted, go ahead, start your search for the best university.

Keep in mind the business trends, your interest and the kind of institute you want to get into; and you are sure to find the best University for yourself.

And don’t forget to share your University hunting experience with us.

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