What Facebook Audience Optimization Means for Content Marketing

As a content marketer, which is the first platform that comes to your mind while promoting a post? For most people, including myself, the answer would be Facebook. A community of over 1.59 billion monthly active users,

Moving to HTTPS for a More Secured Wikipedia

Wikimedia has announced that it will shift to HTTPS providing encryption for its website traffic. A large group of other websites is already planning to follow this move. The website has stated that it will take on

The Potential of Search Ads

Mobile app development is something people have been getting into since the advent of smartphone technology as we now know it. Upon coming up with a new idea, either some novelty you find neat or a solution

How often should you use a PC Cleaner

The PC cleaner is imperative to PC health. Your PC keeps accumulating unwanted items and registry clutter with usage. The junk files present in your PC can slow down the performance of the system as well as

7 Hacks to Boost Productivity with Gmail – Tips and Hacks

Email. It’s my best friend and my worst enemy. On one hand, I don’t miss picking up the phone every time I need information from someone. On the other hand, email immensely clutters my life. It’s a

Why Kepard VPN Is The Perfect Online Security Service For Personal Users?

I use Kepard premium VPN to protect my private online presence and activities. I have been using their service for over a year and at just $2.9 per month (annual package). That is quite affordable or individuals

Create and Verify Paypal Account In India

Today here we have a complete guide to How to Create and Verify Paypal Account in India. Every internet marketer, Blogger, Freelancer and online entrepreneur need the best trusted payment tool to carry successful business. the modern

Google Puts GMeet to Internal Testing

Google has been planning GMeet, a teleconference service, for many years now. It is expected that the service is now in its final stages of development. It will be connected to Gmail, Hangouts and Google’s other services.

Mozilla Firefox Becomes Serious about Security and Privacy

Google recently made it important for websites to be mobile friendly if they wanted to rank higher on SERPs. That was a big move and has forced all serious businesses to revamp or redesign their sites. While

Google Launches new Google+ Photos in-Drive Feature for Google Apps Users

Google+ Photos are now available in your Drive. So you will be able to see it in your Drive. Google announced this new feature before releasing it. So, all your images in Google Photos will be accessible

Bing Mobile Receives a New Homepage Revamp

The Bing homepage for mobile devices has received a major design update. According to Bing’s team, the new changes will be available on box Android and iOS devices worldwide. Most of the changes have been brought to

Google I/O could Announce Some of the Biggest Recent Breakthroughs

Aspiring visitors to the Google I/O developer conference are finding it difficult to get a ticket to the event. This is similar to what happens every year. Google has set the entry ticket to a whopping $900