Choose and Stick with Your True Platform

Bloggers are transforming their blogs into and offering many different platforms to please many. These different platforms are writing, audio, and video. Surely there is a trend of going to audio and/or video. But, do you really

10 Simple Ways bloggers can Improve their Blog Writing

If you google “laptop repair”, you’d notice that google lists websites and highlights your search query i.e “laptop” and “repair”. But, you’d also see that words like “computer” and “fix” instead of your search query also get

How to Make Money on YouTube Complete Guide

Making Money with your Videos One of the Smarter Ways of Making Money online is through Videos, if you asked How to Make Money on YouTube? Wondering How a Video can make Money for you? Is it possible to

How to Build Backlinks the White Hat Way in 2016

The most important and most popular White Hat technique for having a top organic ranking in search engines is to build high-quality backlinks. I am not ashamed to admit that, I also used some Black Hat tactics

The 5 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

So you are a Blogger? Okay, you use Google Chrome too..!! Then you must be searching best Google Chrome extensions for SEO! Image here attached in mail..!! There are lots of SEO browser extensions available on the

Top 10 Content Development Tips for Bloggers 2017

Basically, blogging is an art and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. On the other hand, using the right blogging tools will help your art to get rise and shine. As a blogger, most of you already

“Three Simple Steps to Have a Perfect Niche”

What is a Niche by the way? The niche is a market segment which is focused on a specific product or service. Such market can be divided into smaller forms with particular interest and demographics. For example,

10 Tips to Setting up Your Blog the Right Way

Whatever your goal behind blogging, if you want to succeed with it make sure to follow these proven tips for setting up your blog the right way . These tips can also be seen as the basic rules

10 Blogging Mistakes that are Killing Your Site’s Traffic

 “Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can.” – Jon Morrow There’s a certain allure to the art of blogging. One gets to speak his thoughts in writing

Funny Whatsapp Group names for everyone

Hello friends, welcome to another exciting post. Today I brought something worth paying attention to. You just cannot avoid reading this article.As far as I know, what’s App is one of the most popular Chating App nowadays.

Why Your Business Needs A Blog?

Marketing strategies have changed dramatically in the past few years. You can no longer stick to the age-old strategies of advertising in the print, TV, and Radio. You will have to reach out to your target audience

10 Best Funny Google Tricks 2016 for a Great Time Searching

Google’s not just a search engine. It has a funny and fascinating side too. There are many Google tricks that can give you an entirely different perspective of the world’s largest search engine. So what else can