Predicting Google’s Algorithm Changes – Is it Possible?

Becoming the SEO guru In order to become the best in SEO and to be the best in online businesses and posting the best content, you need to analyze and extrapolate Google’s algorithm changes. Be careful though,

Free WordPress Installation Tips – Do What is Right for You

WordPress platform is one of the most popular platforms meant especially for blogging. The professional look it creates and the ease of use along with the flexibility makes it the ultimate choice of bloggers worldwide. This article

8 Mistakes that an Amateur Blogger should Avoid

Blogging takes quite a lot of skill, practice, patience, and effort on your part to give you the desired result. I’ve found many bloggers failing because of not making the right choices.  Though mistakes cannot be avoided

My Top 20 Favourite Blogs that Train You to Make Money Blogging

Blogs are certainly a source of income over a long term, if you are talented at writing about something you feel passionate about. I’ve found that blogging has great potential for generating income, which has not been

5 Rules that You should Respect before Your Blog Generates Money

When it comes to blogging, I’ve seen many consider it an easy job. But if it is that easy, why do most of the bloggers fail while only a few make it to the top. The basic

Top 6 Free WordPress Themes for April 2014

WordPress is a wonderful platform for bloggers with its free content management system. By focusing on the style and design of the site, I’ve found that you can increase traffic to a great extent. Choosing a good

Managing Multiple WordPress Sites is Easy Now

Though at the outset, installing a new WordPress copy every time you set up a new site may look like a simple solution, right from the logging in to the update of themes, plugins, and the main

Make Quick Money from Your Blog – The Greatest Tips Ever

I’ve found many bloggers trying best to make their blog a profit generating medium. Though blogging is not an easy way to bring in big money initially, if you go about it in the right way, you

Free WordPress Installation Service and Support

WordPress is highly effective and user-friendly platform that is popularly used in a majority of websites. More than 70% of blogs are powered by WordPress. If you are looking to install WordPress and worried about the setup and Announcing a New Look and Expecting your Feedback/Suggestion

We at are delighted to announce that we are undergoing a comprehensive overhaul of our website. You will notice that the things have now been remodelled and don’t appear like they were before. We hope that

Five Reasons Your Awesome Blog Content Isn’t Going Viral [Infographic]

Going viral doesn’t have to be an impossible dream. Understanding what your audience values, creating high-quality content that speaks to their needs and interests, and distributing it at the right times (and in the right online venues)

Top Secrets of Writing a Killer Blog Post [Infographic]

Killer blog posts are the key source of better outcomes and revenue for any blog manager. The blogs thus should contain appropriate idea as well as a suitable execution plan, keeping in view the pertinent viewers or