Why Your Business Needs A Blog?

Marketing strategies have changed dramatically in the past few years. You can no longer stick to the age-old strategies of advertising in the print, TV, and Radio. You will have to reach out to your target audience where they are spending more time and seeking more information – the web. This is why it is impossible to look at promotional strategy without including blogging into the picture.

Blogging is a cost-effective marketing strategy that benefits your business in so many ways.


1. A Blog Creates More Opportunities

Your blog helps create more opportunities for your business by driving more traffic to your site. A website cannot generate traffic on its own. Every new blog post works as an extension or another new page of your site. So as your blog keeps growing with time, the chances of your website being found in search results keeps increasing.

Using the right content marketing strategies and with good number of comments and conversations on your blog pages, you will be able to improve your blog’s rankings. This can help drive more people to your blog posts as their visibility increases.

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2. Creating New Channel of Communication

Traditional forms of advertising don’t involve conversation. There is only one-way communication. But your blog provides a platform where you can communicate with your visitors in a cost effective manner. Visitors can communicate to you via comments and emails. This can do wonders for your brand image and leads.

You can star discussions and help your target audience by providing solutions to their problems. You can demonstrate your knowledge and create a positive image for your business.

As more people comment on your posts, others commentors will also be informed and this can kick-start valuable conversations. Thus, you will have even one-time visitors and commentors coming back again and again.


3. Blogging is Cost Effective Marketing

Blogging is quite cost effective compared to traditional forms of advertising. In fact, it can be even more cost-effective compared to other forms of online marketing.

Besides, it is not a one-time effort or marketing property. It has long term value because your posts will remain on the web forever. So blogs keep promoting your brand 24 by 7 and 365 days a week.

4. Learn More about Your Audience

Your blog also works as a window of opportunity of you to learn more about your target audience. This is made possible through regular interaction and through all the stats and metrics. The blog analytics give you information like click throughs, learn about the most popular topics, the comments and shares, and much more. You will also learn the days of the week when you get most of your visitors.

All this information helps you plan your blogging calendar for increased efficiency and efficacy.

5. Strengthen Your Brand Image

There are some very important factors associated with brands. This includes credibility, a community of loyal followers, and consistency. Blogging is one form of promotional activity that helps you achieve on all these parameters.

Your blog is a unique and effective platform for initiating or strengthening your brand image. You can also create posts based on special occasions. Posts can be created to increase the connect with your audience. There is so much you can do with your blog. It’s like running your own media-wing without having to spend a fortune.

6. Present Yourself as Niche Authority

Your blog can help you build authority in your niche like no other media can help you do. This can give you a powerful competitive edge without having to spend a fortune on branding.

All you have to do is to post content that useful, informational and valuable. It should help people resolve their problems. Once you have established yourself as an expert, people will come to you every time they have a problem and need answers in your industry.

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Building Your Blog

Wix is a website builder that makes it extremely easy to create your business blog and put it online. There are already over 80 million websites hosted by Wix. Among other benefits, it provides cost-effective plans for you to start a blog.

Wix offers almost endless number of templates, designed for different industries and categories. Each template is unique and features exceptional designs. All the templates are designed based on SEO strategies.

Another advantage of choosing this website builder is that there is high level of flexibility. Compared to other site/blog builders there is no limit to what you can change in your design layouts. You can complete the changes to the very last pixel.

You can not only add animations, Wix website builder also provides access to third-party apps so that you can add endless features to your blog. So if you are still pondering whether to start a blog for your business, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.