Easy to use templates by Wixstores

Why I Built My Online Store with WixStores?

Building an E-commerce website is the new way of doing business. Even large corporations are gradually moving towards offering their products and services through their websites.

Especially with the mobile devices market experiencing an explosion in sales, the potential for growth selling online is almost untapped.

When it came for me to design my e-Commerce website, I thought it best to hire the services of a web designing agency.

After a little bit of online research and a few phone calls, I realized that it was more economical and reasonable for me to choose another way – build my store myself!

I was impressed by what was offered by WixStores and once I set up my store, I have realized that it was never that tough a task as I had thought of earlier.

Almost anyone can build their online store through WixStores, put it online and start selling their products.

There’s no headache, no hassles and the plans start from free to something highly affordable compared to what most others are offering.

Easy to Use

Easy to use templates by Wixstores

I came to know about WixStores from Google when I was searching for the best online store builders for me.

I had signed up with a few other similar sites earlier but was annoyed either by their site builder interface or their pricing or even by the templates on offer. But WixStores suited me ideally in almost every way.

I needed to build an online store offering my food products. Sign-up was easy and the first thing it asks is the category and then provides me with the templates to choose from.

Once I chose the template, I could edit it to my liking – I was amazed that it was so easy to build a store.

I used to think that it requires a lot of programming and coding or similar tasks!

This website builder allowed me to move the products wherever I wanted (they call it the drag and drop feature, but I liked it), upload images of my products, name everything and do a lot more.

Why should I be paying thousands of dollars of a web designer when I could build it myself for just a few dollars per month?


Wixstores plans

I didn’t know much about hosting and other things. The web designers that I called told me a lot about annual subscriptions and more.

With WixStores, I started with the free plan but upgraded to the e-commerce plan because it offered me more space.

Keep in mind that the VIP plans also includes the WixStores premium package. Each plan can be done via yearly or monthly payments.

Spending just $16 a month isn’t a big deal. It offers me more than the space I require, and I don’t think I will need to upgrade for the next few years.

They are offering me around 20GB of space and 10GB of data transfer and I am fully satisfied with the speed at which my pages open.

There’s no annoyance of dealing with any other hosting company. I have total control over my site – I don’t ask for anything else.

Maintaining Your Store

Managing and maintaining my store is easy and fast. Whenever we have a new product, I add it from my control panel, also known as the WixStores Store Manager.

It is so easy.

I could also keep track over my inventory and control the shipping charges and taxes based on the location of my customers.

Whenever I need to create discount offers and schemes, I do it all from within my control panel.

I have been running my online store on WixStores for more than 6 months now and I never had any issues till now.

In fact, I never needed to get the help of any web expert. I managed everything myself. Interestingly, they also provided a mobile-friendly version of my site.

I found out that this was a big feature considering that other web designers on the market ask for thousands of dollars to create a mobile version of my site.

Now almost 30% of my customers come from smartphones and tablets.

I didn’t know how to get my domain. But Wix made it easy for me to register a domain and also my company email address.

Security Features

Security Features - Wixstores

While all these features have impressed me, I also feel it secure to be using WixStores.

These offer secure payment processing gateway for my customers.

Before I setup my online store, I was concerned how I would be able to process all the payments.

But it was nothing less than a breeze for me to get highly safe and secure payment options for my account.

I recommend WixStores to people who want to build an impressive online store without any coding knowledge.

  1. I have no plan for e-commercial this time but thank you for the great review article. I will take a look into this service and will use it when I need.

  2. Good Information Nisha, i know about this wixstores already i suggested to my friends .
    he told that it was very user friendly and for newbie e commerce people they can go for WixStores…!!

    Thanks for sharing such a informative Article !!

  3. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Rajkumar,
    Welcome! Yes, the best thing is that it eliminates all the complexities which are usually associated with putting up an online store.

    Have a great week!

  4. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Annette,
    Yes, you may try it in the future.

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  5. Hi Nisha ,
    This is really good information , I was looking for such suggestions and guidelines for eCommerce stores . Currently I don’t have plans for this , but in future I have certain plans with this project .

    I will bookmark this post for my future reference.

    Thanks for sharing this .

  6. Wix does not support IDX (Internet Data Exchange) integration. I have seen Wix add many features over the past couple of years and I am really hoping they get on board with a decent IDX feed.

  7. Yes, they do allow frameable IDX and almost every IDX provider provides iframe support.

  8. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Pritam,

    Its good to know that you have found this post to be useful for your need. Yes, do check it out. Its easy and much better in terms of user interface and plans.

    Best of luck for your future ecommerce venture!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Nisha,

    You have presented an amazing review of wix stores. Nowadays creating an ecommerce store is made very easy with help of such amazing platforms. These kinds of platforms will be very useful and handy for people who are not sound in coding.” UNIECOMMERCE” is also a such a platform helping people to create their online store at ease. Keep posting good reviews like this

  10. You have presented an amazing review of wix stores. Nowadays creating an books or library store is made very easy with help of such amazing platforms

  11. Good Information Nisha, i know about this wixstores already i suggested to my friends .
    he told that it was very user friendly and for newbie e commerce people they can go for WixStores…!!

  12. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Sylvia,

    Thanks for the appreciation. Yes, certainly! These new online store development platforms have made things extremely easier for anyone who wants to sell online. There’s no need to have any knowledge of coding or anything.
    Thanks for the recommendation. I will certainly check UnieCommerce for its features.

    Thanks again for checking in.

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    Thanks. Yes, its extremely easy to create high quality and interactive stores using platforms like Wix stores.

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  14. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Saleem,

    Good to know that you have already suggested WixStores to your friends.
    Yes, it is an ideal platform for new people who want to create an online store.
    The UI is one of the best in its niche.

    Have a great weekend!