Broadednet: Innovative and Effective Way to Increase Website Traffic

The one thing that all bloggers have in common and which everyone will agree with me on is how critical it is to increase blog traffic. The very existence of a blog lies in how much traffic it can generate. In short I’d say it is the lifeline of the blog.

Until now there are three main ways in which a blogger can achieve this, namely, search engines, direct referrals, and social media. Traffic exchange is another way, which I think is not used much anymore because of the dominant role of social media, especially in the small blogs, but it still has some influence in the blogs that see high traffic.

I’ve found a new way to increase website traffic without using the above methods. Broadednet is a new blogging network that can generate traffic easily. You need not depend on search engine or on social media.

What Broadednet is about

I can understand you’re skeptical as to how such a feat is possible. But this new concept is certainly a very effective one. This is basically a common platform that has the blogger community and internet marketers combining all their blogs under one single platform. In this platform they accept links from each other and their credits are accepted. Sounds simple right! You can easily deliver a high volume of traffic with this system. The credits are given when someone clicks on the campaign link present and also when the link in your blog widget is clicked.


Widgets, Banners, and Credits

Let me explain the process further.

  • Widgets – You need to first submit the link to your blog post or a banner ad to the Broadednet platform. It spreads out your articles on various other blogs that display the Broadednet widget. The widget is available in several platforms including WordPress. The blogs then start sending unlimited traffic towards your blog.
  • Banners – You can display all your affiliate banners and your own advertisements on other blogs just like in the widgets. You need to choose the banner option, enter your image, and destination URL.
  • Credits – Credit points are just like rewards and members get these when your content is promoted by them on their blogs. That is, when your link in their blog is clicked they earn points in the Broadednet account they have. The credits can be used to promote their ads or content on other blogs.

Creating an Account

It is easy to register and create an account at Broadednet.  You need to provide your name and email and confirm it after registration.

Next you should install widget in your blog and go through the steps below.

  • Enter the widget title that appears on the sidebar.
  • Go to your account page and find API by clicking on My Account. Copy and pasteit onwidget.
  • Choose the category in which you want your articles to be submitted
  • Select whether you want banners or article titles. For banners, you need to choose the size that fits the widget displayed.
  • Enter article list you want the widget to show. More articles indicate more creditsfor you.




Without the widget installation, you can create only one campaign. The campaign shows the number of clicks and impressions you have received. You can also know from which blogs these are received.

The blog post exchange uses a minimalistic approach and merges well with the website design easily. I also find the feature of promoting the posts you want specifically very good.  Usually it is the current posts that are promoted regardless of their content. With Broadednet, you can always promote your best articles. Your widet will something look like this:-


broadednet widget


The credits system is also an excellent way to promote. I’d certainly recommend this platform, if you own a blog or an internet marketing blog as it offers you the best source for driving traffic to it.

I am really liked this widget and hope you will also like this. Waiting to hear your feedback by commenting below….

  1. Interesting concept Nisha. I have seen some other platforms that are similar, but none specifically geared to bloggers like this appears to be.

    Certainly worth hopping over to take a look at it.
    Thanks for sharing this creative traffic alternative.


  2. Hello Deborah,

    Thanks! It is a fantastic plateform using by several bloggers. You should give it a try. I am sure that you are going to like it. In a very first day, it has given me 5 clicks.

    Keep visiting. Have a great day ahead!

  3. Thanks for this great post. I wanna know more about its function so will you please help me?

  4. Hello Jasmeet,

    Thanks for coming by.

    You can read more detail about it here:- This is like a exchanging/showing blog post to each other blogs.

    If you still need any assistance, do contact me. I will help you out.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hii Nisha Mam,

    Broadednet is really a great invention of Enstine Muki. This is first time ever i knew about this type of amazing plugins that can send traffic without SEO and Social media.

    you really explained very well about Broadednet features. I am very soon going to use this tool on my new blog and hope it will help me very much. Thanks for the awesome share 🙂

    – Amit kumar

  6. Thanks for helping. Like to come again.

  7. Hi Amit,

    Yes, I am agree with you. It is really a good network for bloggers to share each other’s post.

    I advice you to have it asap. As this is amazing tool to attract good amount of traffic.

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

  8. Hi Nisha,

    It is always better to increase our website traffic without using the conventional methods of social media, search engines and referrals.

    If Broadednet as a new blogging network could generate traffic for our website/s without depending on either social media or search engines then definitely it is a welcome feature and one should take advantage of it.