reliable partner for trade

Binomo as a reliable partner for trade

As a result of the impact of the growing technology on our daily basis, obviously trading online stands as a trend throughout the globe for several years. In that aspect, India is not an exception of course. The thing is though, no matter how this online trading rapidly grows, the number of scam platforms goes accordingly. With this article, we are recommending a safe one, and telling why you can count on Binomo.

reliable partner for trade

What is Binomo?

Well, aiming this recommendation by reviewing Binomo, we think it is better to hear about its features first. With the online trading website and the app, of course, Binomo offers a secure service with its possibilities. The additional income through the platform’s website and the app is based on the changes in asset prices, and this convenient service has been being given by Binomo since 2014, when it was legally founded by the Dolphin Corp. 

Sign up & Login

The Binomo platform does not only make its place in this field with the opportunities it is offering, it also has a user-friendly interface. So, registration and logging in afterward is simple on both the website and the Binomo app.

When you go through the, there is a yellow “Sign In” button you should see. Clicking it will get you to use a Gmail or Facebook account, which belongs to you, or just an email account will be enough to register.

In the second case, to register on Binomo, you need to set a password. Choose the currency that you would like the platform to operate. The currency will be used not only for trading but to deposit and withdraw funds as well. It cannot be changed after it is set. Then read and accept terms of Client Agreement. When that last step is done, a quick email confirmation through the mail you will get by Binomo is going to make your account ready to use. 

Account types

Binomo offers 4 types of different accounts. Each of them comes with unique benefits. 

One of them is the Demo account. Designed to get the beginners to learn how to trade, a virtual $1000 also funded by Binomo to use, but please remember that the virtual fund only is able to be used for educational purposes. However, it is reasonable for starters who want to get educated; it demonstrates the way of the Binomo website and the trading app.

The other one is the Standard account. This type stands as an entrance account and opens when you deposit 5$, offering 40+ assets to trade, up to 100% deposit bonuses. You will also be able to participate in paid and free tournaments. 

There is also a Gold account. Besides 50+ assets to trade, it has also a number of advantages such as trade insurance, a personal account manager, and also a 5% cashback for unproductive weeks, up to 150% deposit bonuses after a cumulative deposit of 500$.

The fourth type is the VIP account. It is a cumulative account available after a total deposit of 1000$. This comes with 60+ assets to trade. And the advantages it offers involves insurance, a personal manager, access to VIP Binomo tournaments. Besides these, there is a 10% cashback for those unproductive weeks this time, up to 200% deposit bonuses and a risk-free trade is offered by the platform.

It is up to you to choose one of these based on your goals.

Deposit & Withdrawal

As mentioned above, the user-friendly interface of Binomo also makes the deposit and withdrawal processes significantly easier than you imagine. To do this, you can use e-wallets and bank cards. Only, for the sake of security, you should use the same methods for both deposit and withdrawal of funds from Binomo.

The withdrawal time depends on the status of your account and payment system. For example, processing a withdrawal request from Binomo can take from a few minutes to 3 days or more. Also, sometimes Binomo may ask traders to pass verification. For this period, withdrawals will not be available.


For starters, Binomo offers free education materials. Indian non-English speaking traders need not worry. All tutorials on the website are available in Hindi.

In case of situations you need an answer, the section named “Help Center” is in your service. Categories vary as General information, deposit funds, withdraw funds and others will get you through a great number of detailed explanations.

Besides these, as mentioned above, a Demo account is a great way to learn how to trade thanks to the opportunity of learning the necessary skills with the virtual funds.  It is necessary to remind that the best learning process is possible through trying to do what you are learning. So, the Demo account is here to cover this.

How to invest in trading?

If you have this question after you get into the world of Binomo, on the website, there is a section named Strategies which shows the ways of trading that you didn’t know before. Use these useful methods for trading. Our recommendation is to look at the Beginners type first.

Note! None of the strategies are 100% profitable and neither of them can guarantee a success to trade. Strategies need to be used along with other tools and careful analysis of the trader.

Tournaments also offer a number of opportunities as a way of testing the learned methods to experience or diversify them, and it is also a way of seeing the development you have. There are many tournaments that you can participate in through both the website and the app. They are diverse as paid and free, and each of them has a unique prize pool.

But how to use Binomo? You need to go to an account and select an asset for trading. Then analyze the chart and forecast if the asset price will Up or Down. If the forecast is correct, the profit from the trade will be credited to your deposit.

Download the App

Downloading the Binomo app is not difficult. If you have an Android device, then Google Play is where you will find it. For the iOS devices, it is the App Store. In case of any problems while downloading it, you can download a Binomo apk at link: This one is for the Android users only.

Binomo is not a scam

Is Binomo legal in India? Is it real or fake? These are inevitable questions to ask when reviewing an online trading platform but Binomo ensures its users about its trustworthy service. 

Binomo serves in over 130 countries in safe ways. The Financial Commission, as a commission that tracks the user rights while they are in trading fields, assured this situation by certifying the platform. 

Another certificate given to Binomo is VMT(Verify My Trade) Certificate which confirms the quality of the trade and proves the trading platform is not a scam.

There are also awards that can answer the question of β€œIs Binomo fraud?” In 2015, FE Award was given to the platform. The following year, IAIR Award was won by the platform and achieved to state its secure service.  


With all these being said and considered, it is reasonable to say that Binomo is a platform that enables users with a user-friendly service. It is safe and full of diverse advantages. 

It is important to be aware of the risks that the field involves such as losing the deposit partly or totally. But, for the traders and the starters who are willing to accept these aspects of trading: Binomo offers its service through the app and the website. We believe having a convenient and reliable experience on the platform is the opportunity to try your hand at trading.