Best Way to Convert PDF to JPG Using a Conversion Software

In this day and age, we wouldn’t survive without PDF files. It’s a file format that is so useful and prolific that we use it for articles and reports, and, well, anything that needs to be widely distributed and accepted by multiple people. Now the PDF file format has become so advanced that graphs, images, and figures can be rendered inside a PDF. This is great news for those of us who need to send out an article or report, but what happens when you can’t send a PDF because the messaging app like WhatsApp does not allow PDF files to be shared, or the computer on which you are trying to open the PDF file, does not have a PDF reader installed on it.

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Most of the time there isn’t a great workaround for this dilemma. Either you have to ask the receiver of the PDF file to install a PDF reader which the receiver of the file might not be interested in doing so. Otherwise, you have to call your IT department to see if they have some hack technology. If they’re smart, they’ll say yes, we do! Then out of thin air, they’ll send you your new JPG or PNG and you’ll say, “Oh my God! You’ve saved my whole life!” because you’re a little bit dramatic at the moment. But your IT department won’t tell you that you can download and use the same software for free.

So, here I will reveal the secret on how to convert a PDF to JPG so that you can share the converted file with anyone anywhere. The software download is available on at and at the company’s website at

GUI of the Software

After the software is installed, it will open right up, and even includes a very helpful tutorial button, “How to Use PDF to JPG Converter”. You can also jump right in and start with the ‘Add Files’ button. Once you select the PDF and it’ll show you the preview in the bottom right corner, then select your Output File and DPI resolution. If you want a black and white image, there’s a radio button for that and you can change where your file will end up with the “Choose Output Path” selection. When you’re finished, click on “Start Conversion” and when it’s finished the new file will pop up on your screen.

Input Image Preview

You can choose any image extension file to be rendered: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, or TIF and you can control the DPI resolution for bigger, more beautiful images. Oh! I nearly forgot, if the PDF is password protected, the PDF to JPG converter can detect that and will prompt for a password during conversion.

Select Output Format

The best part about it is, you get to look like the IT genius among your friends and co-workers! High roller, look at you, solving your own problems. People are going to be so jelly.

A video tutorial of the software is also available at