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Best platform for influencers on social media in 2020



social media in 2020

With the ever-rising influence of social media, it not surprising that we are now experiencing an insurgent rising number of influencers who want to use these platforms to market brand products. Influencers dominate every part of our social lives. Everywhere you go be it in the newspaper, web, Tv or radio, peoples’ conversations are occupied gracing news about influencers and celebrities.


Last year, there was a significant rise of influencers on social media platforms and for this year we expect the numbers to go higher. Influencers are using online platforms as their tools of currency and are reaping a lot. If you are one of them don’t miss a thing! Here are the best platforms to work with on social media. To maximise the gain on social media platform you may consider taking service of BuyTrueFollowers was established a few years back to provide services on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.



Facebook is remarkably the biggest social media platform in the world. The site boasts of more than two billion monthly active users. In addition to this, there are over sixty-five million businesses on Facebook and a whopping 6 million advertisers actively advertising merchandise every passing month. The figures speak for themselves, as the world’s most popular social platform Facebook is the most influencer sort out social media platform. In addition to the numbers, it is easy to start on Facebook as an influencer.



Recent studies show that Instagram is the most sort out social media platform for marketers and business that want to run online marketing campaigns. As an influencer, Instagram has in more than 1 billion monthly active subscribers in place for you. Instagram also has great marketing features that make it the second if not the most preferred destination for many influencers today. With a good following on Instagram, you are instantly assured of business collaboration from brands who may want to connect to your followers. InternetMarketingRocks is one of the most well-known brands for Instagram marketing.



YouTube is a video sharing platform. It is undeniably the leading video platform boasting over one billion hours of video views every day. As long as you have interesting content to offer it is always easy to get started on YouTube. It is an incredible site if you want to gain exposure as an influencer. Besides influencing, YouTube has advantages over other social media platforms because it doubles its function to include search engine capabilities. Meaning that as an influencer you can always run your marketing campaigns for a relatively long period compared to platform such Facebook.    



Although Twitter doesn’t boost great numbers when compared to the aforementioned platform it an ideal place to start as an influencer. A survey carried out by the company indicated that over 49% of active Twitter users rely on its influencer to make brand or product recommendation for them. This percentage indicates the impact influencers have on product decision making on twitter.



Twitch is a video sharing platform but is mostly preferred by gamers. With Twitch, you can do video in and live streams. Influencers combine both YouTube and twitch to broad cat their content.

There are many influencer platforms some include TikTok and several other influencing tools the above make our top list for influencer social media platforms.  

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