Best Movie Streaming Apps To Use On Android/iOS For Free

The amount of sports and movie enthusiasts the world has created over the past few decades is insurmountable. Everyone loves to switch on to their local television in their free time to check out what is being broadcasted. However, sometimes we get hold of an interesting movie from a banner or while reading articles over the internet and have no means of broadcasting these movies.

The local television service providers cannot take individual requests neither are there proper streaming websites and applications for the users. Most of the online movie streaming applications and websites available are either full of spammed advertisements or contain malwares which require a technical expert for fixing. This builds up a handful of frustration on the user’s mind. So what does one do in a situation like this? Well, we have come up with an easy solution with the best movie streaming apps to use on Android/iOS for free.

  • Showbox

Showbox is one of the best online movies, TV shows streaming applications available on most of the mobile platforms. The app contains a large collection of free movies and TV shows from all over the world.  The collection on the app can be streamed anytime be the user.

Also, the app comes with a download feature which allows its users to fetch and store video files from the app on their mobile devices. Unfortunately, Showbox is unavailable on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. However, various third party websites offer download links of package installers for Showbox for both Android and iOS devices.

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Download Free Movies Online Without Catch

  • Popcorn Time

Being a BitTorrent client, Popcorn Time offers all of its content for free. Popcorn Time was originally released as the “Netflix for pirates” and became highly popular in its initial release. The app contains movie titles from around the world with Hollywood movies being its main source of collection. Just like Showbox, Popcorn Time is not available on the official app stores either. However, the same downloading methods follow for Popcorn Time as Showbox.

  • Viewster

Viewster is a unique application for free movie streaming. Not only does it contain a large library of movies and TV shows, it also comes with a collection of Japanese anime for its users. Viewster is also known for containing geographical documentaries for its users to view. The app is fairly easy to use and is directly available on the official app stores of both Android and iOS devices.

Streamog, Best French streaming site in 2019, is very flexible. There is no limit at all when watching or downloading any number of streaming movies. Users can watch videos online or download and save them later. It offers a simple but appealing interface, with stunning graphics that sets it apart and makes it extremely user-friendly, so anyone can use it without a hitch.
Users have the ability to select the desired video quality, from high-definition videos, to their needs and Internet capabilities. Quality can be selected from 360p to 1080p. All you need to do is simply search for the streaming or serial streaming movie of your choice and move on to the hassle free viewing.
Episodes and movies are all cataloged very efficiently, allowing you to filter them more quickly.
With Streamog, you are now open to a whole new world of entertainment to discover and explore, which can be tailored to the convenience, timing and location of your user. So do not hesitate and enjoy the incredible Streamog experience. 
  • Hubi

Hubi is another free online movie streaming app which is known for offering movie streams in high definition. Its high definition quality beats most of its competitors online. Just like Showbox, Hubi also provides downloading of movie titles available on the app. However, Hubi is known for generating more than 3 downloading links every time for the users to make a choice.

The app is available for downloading directly on the Google Play Store. However, iOS users must unfortunately settle with third party websites for downloading Hubi on their devices.


With the world moving at such a fast pace, it gets very tough for people to keep track of their daily life needs. Movies are another aspect of the human life which revolves around them.  It is a given that we cannot survive without having some kind of entertainment going on with the constant pressures life provides us. But broadcasting movies according to our personal preferences requires a solid medium. Well, the above list of the best movie streaming apps for Android and iOS devices should definitely provide you with that.