Best JPG to Word converter Softwares

Best JPG to Word converter Softwares

The idea of converting JPEG files into editable formats is the need of the hour for professionals working in publishing and media industry.

This was really not possible with the older options available in the printing and publishing industry.

Thanks to the high speed changing technology which has changed the face of the world.

The idea of optical character recognition or OCR has made things possible for converting any JPG to word files, which gives you the option to edit and make changes as per your whims and fancies.

Best JPG to Word converter Softwares

These are found in the form of a number of software converters, which we will be discussing as under:

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Simple OCR

This is among the best JPG to Word Converter software which is known for even recognizing handwritten stuff without any hassles.

This software program is competent enough to read the document from the scanner or even adding up a number of pages in formats including JPG, BMP, and TIFF.

It is seen offering you some kind of control over the conversion via text selection; image selection and text-content-ignore features.

The conversion to text content simply takes the procedure into a validation stage wherein the users can easily correct or edit the discrepancies into converted text via the feature called spell check, which is basically inbuilt in this software program.

This software gives you the option of converting the image (JPG/txt) into document formats without any hassle.

Now talking about the downsides of this software, this may be a great software tool for managing normal text content but may fail in managing the multi column layouts.

This software has its latest version of size 9 MB, and it is compatible with Windows.

You can also download it directly from

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This software tool can be called as a breakaway in the list of OCR software programs, as it is simply designed for digi cams of capacity of 3MP and mobile phones, which even include the scanners.

Unlike in the SimpleOCR, you can find two window interfaces – the source image window and the text window.

The images which are sourced via a camera or the scanner over the left window can get converted into text content format seen over the text editor over the right.

The functions found in text editor include WordPad and it can be used via the Text to Speech converter from Microsoft.

This software is known to support a number of formats including bmp, jpeg, tiff and gif.

You can easily enhance the color, contrast and brightness along with the readability of the content.

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Free OCR

As the name suggests, it is a free software converter, which employs Tesseract OCR engine, which was developed long back in the eighties. It is considered to be the most accurate OCR engine designed in the open source.

Now talking about its features, it supports a number of image files and multi page TIFF files. It can handle PDF formats, and is even compatible with Twain devices including the scanners.

The software comes up with familiar kind of double window interface, which makes it simple to understand and operate.

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