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Best Gadgets of 2017 – Business Edition



The year 2017 has been revolutionary from marking the 10th Anniversary of the Apple’s iPhone to witnessing the reveal of Tesla’s Beast of an Electric Bus. People often end-up remembering the things and events that are either Very Good or Very Bad. Below are some of the Best Gadgets that can help you guide through the way:

  • Smartwatch

Being the ultimate Smartphone accessory, the smartwatch let you manage some of the important tasks on your wrist and also tells the time. With tons of options in the market, we choose “Fitbit’s Iconic Smartwatch” as the winner. Not a geeky accessory but for all, this gadget tracks activities; personalize workouts, inbuilt GPS and storing hundreds of songs.


  • WiFi

Smartphone…Smartwatch…Smarthome… Why not? Convert your dream of living in the digitally connected home a reality by getting yourself one of those portable wifi routers. We pick “Google’s WiFi Replacement” that has also been rated as the best Wi-Fi system currently present in the market. As it is easy to setup and has a strong WiFi coverage, that too with fast speed at a price tag of $120. No more procrastinating your work-related tasks due to Internet troubles.

  • Smartphone

Since its inception, Smartphone has remained the Must-Have gadget of all times. This year, the bezel-less iPhone X may have stolen the limelight from the deserving Samsung’s Galaxy S8. The brand is known for its class-leading performance with the great construction quality and brilliant display. The camera captures phenomenal shots that only the iPhone can deliver but while looking at the price difference, Samsung seems like a way better option.


  • Connected Gadget

A nice cup of Joe can instantly charge your mood and boost you up to tackle the tasks. This is the part where “Ember Ceramic Mug” comes in place. Costing below $100, this gadget connects to an app on your Smartphone/smartwatch through which desired temperature can be set for the mug. It can keep the beverage inside it can remain that the exact temperature set for a couple of hours without consuming much of the power.


  • Drone

The list of the best gadgets in the year 2017 will be incomplete without giving a mention to the Drones. The “DJI Phantom 3 Professional” lets your creativity fly with a 4K camera. Packed with numerous features this gadget allows you to capture professional videos of important events. And the best part, it is ready to fly with Intelligent Flight Modes as well as Vision Positioning for indoor flight.

  • Desktop

To say that “Microsoft’s Surface Studio” is giving Apple a run for its money would be over exaggerating the situation. But not even Microsoft would have expected such a great response it received from the market. The display is stunning with 3:2 aspect ratios with a handsome industrial design. And introducing touch screen, the Pen and Dial support altogether increased the creative caliber of this desktop. 


SJCAM SJ8 – 4K 60fps – 2,33″ Touch Screen

Basically, it’s like Crabs in the Bucket scenario, with every business trying to outdo the other and trying to make a case out of it. So, take it a notch-higher by planning your business strategies by using some of the above-mentioned top gadgets.

Currently writing for ChromeInfotech, one of India’s leading android application development company, Tripti has written on relationships, career, and real estate in her past. But now she is focusing on decoding the mobile world with Ed Sheeran playing on a record in the background.

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