do a barrel roll

10 Best Funny Google Tricks 2016 for a Great Time Searching

Google’s not just a search engine. It has a funny and fascinating side too. There are many Google tricks that can give you an entirely different perspective of the world’s largest search engine. So what else can you do with this search giant, besides searching for things?

Here are 10 Best Funny Google Tricks 2016 you would want to try the next time you open the website.

1. Do a Barrel Roll

do a barrel roll

Do you want to see your browser window spin around to make a 360-degree turn? Just do a search for “do a barrel roll” and you will get the desired result.

If you have ever played Nintendo’s Star Fox, you will know about the Peppy rabbit in it. The character would tell the player to “do a barrel roll” when the enemy fired.

2. Zerg Invasion

zerg rush

Zergs are insect-like aliens from the Starcraft video game. This is one of the Best Funny Google Tricks 2016 for playing game in your free time. Enter “zerg rush” and press search. You will see the alphabet ‘O’ from the word “Google” will start attacking the search results just like zerglings do in the video game. You can click to destroy these ‘Os’ and play the game. Once it has cleared the entire field of search results, it will return to the top to form a “GG”.

The points accumulated can be shared on Google Plus. So this feature turns Google into a game for you.

3. Google Gravity

google gravity

Do you want to see how gravity can affect Google. Just enter “Google Gravity” and click the first results link. All the content including the search box, Google’s logo and other content will start falling down.

4. Google Rainbow

rainbow google

Do you want to see a rainbow dawn upon the Google logo? Google has a trick for that too. Just type “Google Rainbow” and press the ‘search’ button. Then click the first link that appears in the result.

5. Epic Google

epic google

This trick will increase Google’s size by increasing the font size. All you have to do is type either “Epic Google” or “Google Epic” into the search box and click on the first result.

6. Askew


Do you want to tilt Google and its search results? You should then type “askew” into the search box. “Tilt” is also an alternative that can be typed in the search box for the same results.

7. Google Space

google space

If you want to feel how it’s like in space, type “Google Space” and everything will start floating within the Google search page.

8. Enter the Binary World


We all know that computers work on the binary system. All digital systems are based on the binary numbers. So why not turn the results in Google too into binary form. Maybe you can read and understand them too!

Just type “binary” into the search box and press enter. All the results will appear in 0s and 1s like “01101001….” You can only imagine if Google has a team who’s always coming up with these unique, Best Funny Google Tricks 2016.

9. Atari Breakout

Do you want to play another game? If yes, then this trick is for you. Enter “Atari Breakout” in the search box and press the “Images” tab. The image results will turn into a game.

10. Google Guitar

Do you want to play a guitar? Google can allow doing that with your mouse. Enter “Google Guitar” and click on the first link that appears. This will open a guitar that can be played by moving the mouse.

These are some of the most fascinating and Best Funny Google Tricks 2016 you can try. There dozens of many more tricks and you can spend an entire day running them. Google is much more versatile and can be a big fun if you know what to do with it.