The Best Cheap Tech Gadgets Of 2017

When most people think of new tech gadgets, they imagine having to spend a ton of bucks! However, people with less money to spend can still get good quality devices that are functional and user-friendly. In today’s online market, with a bit of patience and research, you can find a fancy gadget without exhausting all your savings. Most buyers capitalize on discounts offered by various merchants, you can explore online resources such as, for lucrative coupons on your favorite gadgets and electronics devices. To make your work easy, this article has compiled the best yet affordable gadgets that will make a perfect gift for any tech lover. What is cool is that each of the listed product below serves a unique yet different purpose so as to meet the various individual preference. Here are the 10 best cheap tech gadgets of 2017;

#1 VicTsing Shower Speaker

If you love to have quality time showering, then entertainment becomes a major part of making the whole experience fun. With VicTsing Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker, you can listen to your favorite jam during your morning grooming process. The outer body of this device features a green and black color which adds to the outdoor camouflage effect. Other top features include a 5W speaker for blasting out clear sound, a rubber exterior cover for protecting the speaker against water damage and a suction cup for attaching to glass or any other surface. In case of a call, when you pair this speaker with your phone, then you can receive the call without scrolling through your phone screen. VicTsing speaker is lightweight, cheap and convenient for use in homes, cars, and offices.

#2 Photojojo magnetic phone Lens

Photojojo has various add-on lenses that are compatible with different smartphones including iPhone. These lenses are cheap and great for people who want to show their photography skills or even for those who want to experiment without having to use expensive tech gadgets. At just under $35 in Amazon, Photojojo makes it easier for you to get three pack lenses that will work on Android or IOS devices. In the pack, you get a macro lens, fisheye, and telephoto. All the lenses produce images with great details while still maintaining a wide area of focus.

What is unique about this tech gadget is that you can upgrade the lenses and fit any of them on a wide variety of phones.

#3 Echo Dot

Small, adorable and practical; Echo Dot is a cheap and one of the best tech gadgets to have in 2017. If you have always fancied having an assistant to repeat and do what you command then having an Echo Dot is your best starting point. This voice-activated assistant can tell you everything you need to know about today’s weather, playing your favorite tune to searching for a particular news video. For people who want loud music, you can connect the Echo Dot to an external speaker seamlessly. With its small size, you can easily fit it in any space in a room from the kitchen, bedroom to laundry room. Apart from the port where you connect it to an external speaker, it also has a second USB port for charging.

#4 Cuff-Daddy USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

Be it for your brother, boyfriend, best friend, father or husband, these USB Flash Cufflinks sold by Cuff-Daddy will make a great father’s day, anniversary, Christmas, wedding or birthday gift. They come in a silver color to complement any casual or formal outfit and even have a clamshell storage box for keeping the gadgets safe from scratches or damage. Each cufflink can store up to 32GB data and have a sleek design that can easily portray the professionalism in a tech savvy gentleman. The box doubles as a wrapping gift and for storage which is ideal for men who frequently travel to different areas.

#5 XLR8 Diaper Back Pack

The routine of carrying all the must have items for a baby can be boring and exhausting for busy mothers. However, with an XLR8 Connect and Go Diaper Bag, you will store both you and your baby’s items at a go. It even features an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker where you can connect and play your favorite music or tunes that will stop the baby from crying. This practical and stylish bag has more than 20 compartments that are specifically designed for keeping wet wipes, diapers and carrying feeding bottles without spillage. You can even put your 3D pen in one of the pen storage compartments for when you have to continue with your creative art when the baby is sleeping or playing in the park. XLR8 Diaper bag also has a 7800 mah power bank for charging your phone or Bluetooth device. This bag is a modern tech gadget that combines organization and efficiency.

#6 UDI U845 Voyager 6 UFO HexaCopter RC Drone

If as an adult you still love playing with toys then UDI U845 Voyager 6 UFO HexaCopter RC Drone is a must have. For about $50 you can get this Drone and fly it across the neighborhood. Despite its low price, this tech gadget packs many utilities such as a built-in camera which can capture 720p HD images and videos from the sky. It’s headless mode makes it easier to fly this drone in any direction while its lightweight UFO design makes it safe to fly. UDI 845 Drone has an alarm system which will immediately notify you when the battery is low. The flight control system is easy to understand even for beginner pilots which is perfect for kids.

#7 Jackery Giant+ Portable Battery Charger

Do you often carry more than one electronic device? Are you always looking for places to charge your devices? Then get yourself a Jackery Giant+ Portable Battery Charger which has a charge capacity of 12000mAh. This charger is one of the cheapest and with highest portable capacity for charging phones and tablets. It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhones, and different tablets. Jackery Giant+ Portable Battery Charger is ideal for long distance traveling or when visiting a remote area with no power supply for charging. This tech gadget has dual USB ports which mean you can charge both your phones and tablets at the same time.

#8 MisFit Wearable Link

MisFit Wearable Link is for anyone who loves to keep track of their health status. This gadget is cheap, and you can buy it for about $20. It keeps track of your sleeping patterns, records walking, jogging or running steps as well as calorie intake. When you want to analyze the data, you can sync MisFit Wearable Link with your smartphone or any other household devices. It can last for six months without charge, and you can use it to tell time.

#9 S2001BW Nest Protect Smoke Plus CO Battery

S2001BW Nest Protect Smoke + CO Battery detects and alerts you when there is smoke or carbon monoxide in the house. When the gadget is active, it will emit light and even blink to show you that the batteries are fully working.

# 10 Logitech Harmony Companion Remote

Logitech Harmony Companion is a mid-range smart universal remote control. You can also use this remote control to access your smartphone apps. The well-designed button layout makes this remote easy to use for kids and adults.

Go for a tech gadget that will suit your lifestyle and make daily life easier.

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