Best Alternative to Mailchimp – Affordable Email Marketing Solution

Did you hear the saying, “money is in the list”? You might have. It is important to build an e-mail list from the first day. For this, we have to make use of an effective list building tool.

There are plenty of such tools available on the web. But the expensive nature keeps newbies away. So here comes the best affordable email marketing solution; MailGet.

Alternative to Mailchimp

What is actually MailGet?

MailGet is an email client capable of sending vast number of emails. Cost effectiveness and easy to use feature keeps MailGet stand out from the rest.

All the other competitors use their own hosts to send emails while MailGet uses Amazon SES and thus it is unbelievably cheap. This tool is completely meant for newbies as well as experienced ones.

I am sure you will be in love with it as the feature section is a complete surprise for you. The guys behind MailGet are kind enough to give us even unlimited emails for this awesome price tag.

Checkout the amazing features.

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Features of MailGet

  • MailGet is very cheaper compared to all alternatives like MailChimp, MadMimi and Aweber.
  • No technical knowledge is needed. So a complete newbie can set-up their own mail list.
  • If you are using another tool to build list, then it is possible to import all contacts to MailGet.

import all contacts-mailget

  • The very impressive feature is tracking of emails. We can know how many emails were opened and how many earned clicks.
  • After setting up all, we can add a subscription form to our website or blog.
  • Drag and drop email builder is very much helpful. It is capable of building simple as well as complex email layouts.
  • Auto-responder is one of the essential feature a list building tool must have. It helps us to send welcome mails or gifts soon after someone subscribes to us. Here also MailGet won’t let you down with its awesome auto-responder.


  • There is also an option to ban/ blacklist a user from our list.
  • Everyone loves to get unlimited. MailGet knows our mind. That’s why they are giving the feature to send unlimited emails at a very cheap price (Check plans, you can see that all plans have unlimited emails feature).

Why do you hesitate, Start now!!

How to Start with MailGet?

1. As MailGet uses Amazon SES on cloud, we have to set-it-up first. Just follow this link and do it.

Mailget with SES

2. Go to MailGet by clicking here and login/ sign up to it.


3. Click on create mail to build an awesome email. Here you are provided with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop email builder as shown in the picture.

Email layouts-Mailget

4. Once you finish with the email, go to next step. Here we can see all our lists. If no list is there, then import one or just add some contacts. Select the list you want and hit send. Congratulations… Your first email campaign went live.

affordable email marketing solution

MailGet Plans

Choose the right plan for you from below. (Refer image)


Plan 1

This is perfect for newbies, may be for intermediates also. Plan 1 allows us to send unlimited emails to 10000 subscribers. This one proves that MailGet is the best affordable email marketing solution you can ever get.

Plan 2

They are not going to cease. What to do if you have more than 10000 subscribers. Nothing much. Just keep calm and purchase plan 2. This makes you capable of sending unlimited emails to 50000 subscribers.

Plan 3

This ultimate plan is meant for influencers on the web. It will be useful if you have about 100000 subscribers. This one also allows us to send unlimited mails.

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Over to You

Now you know all the specs of MailGet. Nothing but the initial step of setting-up of Amazon SES is the only task which is a bit time-consuming. But I am sure you will not face any difficulties to set-up it.


The significant specification of MailGet is nothing but its cheapness. See the above image for a comparison. Till this time, MailChimp was the cheapest. But MailGet is the perfect alternative to MailChimp.

Have any queries about MailGet? Feel free to ask through comments.

No queries?? Then why do you wait? Go, bag a plan and enjoy sending emails.

  1. Hey Nisha,

    Nice article with all the explanation of the product. I am currently using Aweber but this seems a good alternative. Thanks for sharing !!


  2. Hey Nisha,
    Great Post It is New For me Thanks For Sharing keep up it.

  3. It is amazing that on the 12th Feb, we both wrote a blog about nearly a same topic about email list but starting with a same phrase “money is in the list” – just an observation.

    By the way a nice alternative to MailChimp, have you used it yourself? Just wanted to know how is the integration with the WordPress.

  4. Hi Nisha,

    Thanks for introducing Mailget. I will always use mailchimp as I find it useful and interesting. But now after reading your post I wish to go for Mailget and experience it. Thanks for introducing this post

  5. Howdy Nisha.

    Mailget.! a new brand name for me. Looks like I don’t require any other articles for checking the features of Mailget. Thank you for explaining everything.. Now I’m on Mailchimp and I’ll definitely try Mailget.

    Looking forward for your next article.

    Best Regards.

    Akhil K A

  6. Hi Nisha,

    Really informative post. Yet I am not using any mailer to send emails, but after reading your post in the brief, I think I should prefer for the Mail Get.

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  7. Will these emails from Mail Get goes to promotions Tab?? I am asking it because,mail chimp emails are going to promotions tab which no one will prefer to open..

    Hope you got my point.

  8. Hi Nisha,
    Your notification went into the spam mail and I just found it today.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information,
    This is indeed the cheapest and best option i believe
    Will try this for my further use
    Keep sharing.
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    ~ Phil

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    Great post indeed…!!!
    I had used Awber earlier but after reading your article I much attracted towards Mailget because of its cool features.

    Thanks again for sharing really helpful info with us……..Have a great day and weekend too…..!!!

  10. Hi Nisha,

    You have given good information about MailGet Email services, i think InInbox is even cheaper than MailGet, 28$ per month is not an affordable price for new bloggers.

    In my opinion MailGet is suitable for pro bloggers, anyway thank you for sharing information about new mail services.

  11. Hi Nisha

    An interesting review and you did an excellent work by giving us great information about MailGEt. Their prices seem affordable and their features are quite attractive. True that they are in the same caliber with Aweber. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi, Nisha,

    Email marketing is an extremely important topic, so I’m glad you’re covering it today. 🙂

    I had never heard of “MailGet” so thanks for making me aware of this service.

    Does MailGet have any marketing automation features?

    That’s why I just switched from AWeber to ActiveCampaign, and am very happy with ActiveCampaign because it’s a company I can grow into. I look at value given, not cost, although ActiveCampaign is cheaper than AWeber yet gives more features, go figure.

    Your provision of screen shots is wonderful because many folks are visual learners and prefer this mode of content, me for sure.

    Great review, Nisha, thanks for sharing.


  13. Mailchimp is among the best. If you have few subscribers then this is amazing. Else awber is a great option.