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Beginner’s guide to buying refrigerator online



Buying electronic was never an easy job. And when it comes to purchasing a refrigerator, that too online, the difficulty level gets a notch higher. Along with every electronic item, refrigerators also have come a long way. From being an item of luxury to becoming an essential part of the life of human beings, it has been through a lot of changes and a lot of modifications. When you visit the electronic stores for buying a refrigerator, you will probably be left bewildered if you don’t know what exactly are you looking for. Be it in terms of size, functioning or purpose, there is now multiple categories of the refrigerator and multiple sub-categories for each of them. So, regardless if you are buying refrigerator online or offline, the basic aspects to look for while buying one somewhat remains the same.

When you are about to buy a refrigerator, it is essential for you to make sure that the fridge you are opting for blends well with the style of your kitchen and your lifestyle. There are modern fridges available from where you can fetch a glass of cold water for waving off your summer blues without opening the door of the refrigerator. And some of the other major features that one can get are custom panels, four doors, five doors, pull out drawer, and the list goes on and on. But regardless of what you choose and where you buy it from, the basic remains the same. So, without delaying any further, let us have a quick look through the most vital points that one needs to look for while buying a refrigerator.

Refrigerator buying guide

The style of the refrigerator

As mentioned above, the refrigerator these days comes in a wide range of variety. Some of the most popular varieties of the refrigerator that are available these days are:

  • Top Freezer: Top freezer refrigerator is one of the first variety of refrigerator that has arrived in the market, and they haven’t got out of style yet because of their spacious cabinets. The top freezer refrigerator has a spacious upper cabinet which ranges from 28 to 33 inches.
  • Bottom Freezer: This is a newer variety of the top freezer. In the bottom freezer, only the freezer has been brought down to make it easier for people to use who have back problems. You don’t need to bend down for bringing out items from the main cabinet of the fridge. But, if you are looking for ice, you certainly need to bend down.
  • French-Door: With a pair of narrow doors on the top and freezer on the bottom, French-doors have a become a classic choice. They are spacious, and the width of these refrigerators ranges from 28-36 inches. The usable space of this refrigerators is 17 cubic feet on average.
  • Side-By-side: With just two doors, the side-by-side refrigerators have a huge capacity which goes up to 27 cubic feet. They are one of the most modern refrigerators that have arrived in the market.
  • Mini: The mini refrigerator is those refrigerators which are usually kept in a dorm room, office or a kitchenette. The major drawback of this refrigerator is that the temperature can rise above 40 degrees Fahrenheit which is the ideal temperature for the growth of bacteria. So, they are ideal for storing beverages and sodas.


Most fridge designs arrive in scope of sizes and limits. Continuously measure where you intend to put the fridge before you shop. What’s more, watch that it can fit through entryways. Enable space for the fridge’s ways to swing open, and for one-inch freedom around sides and back for sufficient wind stream.

Energy Label

Vitality productivity has turned into a major selling point with customers. Every single new cooler is significantly more productive than they were ten years prior, however here’s a look behind the mark—to enable you to go as green as could reasonably be expected. The EPA Energy Star rating is a decent spot to begin when shopping; it implies that an item is in or around the best 25 per cent of the market, yet proficiency changes by model.

The size of your kitchen

Make sense of the components of the region that will suit the icebox. At that point, when you’re shopping, discover the stature, width, and profundity of any units you’re thinking about purchasing and check to ensure they’ll fit in the space. Remember to permit a couple of crawls above and behind the unit for air to the course. Additionally, make certain there’s sufficient space for the ways to swing open.


Pick a completion. Spotless still tops the diagrams in light of its impartial, bringing together look. A few variants oppose fingerprints. Dark or white machines can likewise supplement many kitchens. Worked in models normally offer boards that can mix in with your cupboards.


When it comes to buying refrigerator online, make sure that you have gone through the specification of the refrigerator along with the price of it as well to make sure that it fits your budget precisely. And when you buy it online, the maximum probability is that you will get your favourite fridge that you have been urging to own within your budget. All you need to do is keep your eyes open for discounts.

So, if you are about to buy a refrigerator from an online shopping website, make sure that you have followed the above tips precisely.

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