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The TRONbet platform for the first time acted as an organizer of a charity poker tournament – Binance Charity Poker Cup.

The sports event is scheduled for June 14th. Among the invited participants, one should mention Charlie Lee, the Litecoin cryptocurrency creator, Justin San, the founder of the TRON blockchain platform as well as Changpen Zhao, the owner and CEO of the crypto Binance exchange. You’re welcome to make your best bet with bitcoin games Android –

The idea of ​​organizing the tournament has shown up within the cooperation of the charity projects Binance and TRONbet. Up to 50% of the money earned, namely 1 million TRX (about $ 33 thousand), will be transferred to the Binance Charity. The given organization is about to spend cash to support Uganda’s children.

By the way, it’s interesting that all eight vacant places will be occupied by representatives of the crypto industry or professional poker players. It was also decided to arrange an auction for the sale of one of the places at the gaming table between members of the community.

According to the actual information at the time of writing, the leading position with the right to take a seat at the table is maintained by the user who offered 180,000 TRX ($ 5,400).

Get a thrill with lottery

Before you get down to betting on poker, take some time to learn a couple of basic things if you don’t want to lose. However, if you already know more than enough, get down to bets with

First of all, you need to realize that betting on the color or suit of the last card is a pure lottery. Well, it might increase the interest in viewing heads-up, but it’s definitely not what you can earn. To understand who can win the Main Event of 9 finalists, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

A stack of players: That’s the simplest and most understandable factor. It’s clear that those who have more chips will have more chances to win.

Players’ skills: Of course, that’s rather a subjective factor, but usually the sum of the prize money won by the player in total live and on the Internet appears to be an important indicator. The more prizes he has, the stronger as a player he is.

You need to know the style of each player: For this purpose, you require watching the episodes of their game. You need to understand how he reached the final table, whether it occurred due to a skillful game or purely due to luck and a good card.

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