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Be Efficiently Prepared for Cisco 300-115 Exam



Cisco 300-115 exam is a well sought after the exam that majors on making one familiar with switching technologies in networking. This exam certifies one’s skills in switching and earns them CCNP routing and switching certification. By covering this exam, candidates validate their skills in planning, configuring, verification and implementation of complex switching solutions using the Cisco Campus architecture.

Additionally, the exam makes one efficient in planning, troubleshooting,and implementation of local area networks. Also, this exam proves that one is well conversant with the best practices for security and data integrity. Similar to 300-101 exam, this aims at testing one’s knowledge of networking principles. However, unlike the former, the latter majors on switching and thus popularly referred to as the switch implementation certification.

This exam is meant to arm one with basic switching concepts and better ones understanding in switching concepts. By taking part in this course, one gets to build a lasting foundation in virtualization thus having an easier time with subsequent certifications. Due to the width of the exam, many get a hard time figuring out how to pass Cisco CCNP Switch 300-115 Dumps exam. To ensure that you have an easier time with the exam the following guide on passing 300-115 exam is of great help.

Prepared by individuals that tackled the exam attaining an attractive grade at the end, the guide will supply`z you with skills needed to pass Cisco 300-115 exam.


To have an easier time with this exam, having a prior certification in Cisco CCDA or CCNP series is a significant plus. Additionally, attending classes of Cisco 300-115 certification are vital as they make you conversant with skills required to tackle the exam.

Audience targeted by the examination

The exam is designed to develop basic switching concepts in networking beginners and validate the skills of professionals in the networking field. Due to the broad area that the exam covers and the hands-on approach that the exam tests, candidates are assured to build advanced knowledge on networking infrastructure thus having a more leisurely time to land jobs as support engineers and network technicians.

Skills tested

Among the areas that you will come across in this exam are:

  • Configuration and verification of various infrastructure in Layer 2 technology 65 %
  • Deployment and verification of security infrastructure 20%
  • Configuration and verification of first-hop redundancy protocols 15%

Why are Cisco 300-115 and its related certifications so popular

With the increase in demand for networking specialists, Cisco academy is the best certification to pursue. Thisbecause Cisco covers network concepts in-depth and offers real-world experiences thus arming a candidate with skills required in real-world cases. As a result, candidates that complete this exam get an easier time getting jobs as they possess the required skills.

Video tutorial/training

To have an easier time preparing for Cisco 300-115 exam, a candidate is advised to watch videos partaking:

  • Networking security infrastructure
  • Layer two technology
  • First-hop redundancy protocols

Official reference materials

Despite the availability of multiple training materials in the market, not all guarantee you up-to-date information. To ensure that you have a more leisurely time preparing for the exam and pass Cisco 300-115 exam, the books provided below are crucial to access. These give you current information that is authentic therefore giving you skills required to pass Cisco 300-115 exam. However, it is advisable to consult other materials to get various methods to go about the exam. Among the best books for Cisco 300-115 certification are:

  • CCNP Routing and Switching 300-115 Official Cert Guide– this is a book by David Huccaby that contains in-depth information relating to routing and switching. This is helpful for both 300-101 routing,and 300-115 switching citification’s thus assuring you convenience. Published in 2014 this book contains current information on various infrastructure and is globally recognized.
  • Chris Bryant’s CCNP Switch 300-115- this guide by Chris Bryant uses a real-world approach in switching technologies thus making one conversant with switching.This contains current info as it has been recently updated therefore is the best book for Cisco 300-115.

Practice tests

To have an easier time tackling Cisco 300-115 exam, it is advisable to take various practice tests. These will make you conversant with methods for going about questions and test your skills in multiple topics covered in the exam. With these at your service, you will successfully cover all issues thus bettering your skills in various switching aspects. Among the websites offering the best-selling practice tests are includeExamCollection,  PrepAway and ExamSnap websites.

Cisco 300-115 exam pass tips

Among tips that both professionals and candidates successfully takenthe exam suggest are:

  • To have a better grasp of content in the course, ensure that you thoroughly cover the coursework without skipping any area. Thisensures that you have a strong foundation in the class thus a more relaxed time when covering various practice tests.
  • Take several practice tests to acquaint yourself with skills required in answering exams in the exam. Practice exams also aid in checking where you have not well understood thus revising on specific areas. After noting the areas, you are weak in, go back to the coursework and brush up on the areas.
  • Access to a lab, either virtual or real-life to practice different knowledge you get from the class.
  • Avoid procrastination and last minute rushes as you may miss various information that is vital for passing the exam.
  • Contribute to various platforms and join study groups thus getting help in areas where you are stuck.

Cisco 300-115 exam dumps

Among the most productive resources to prepare for the exam –exam dumps are the leaders. Apart from making you familiar with the structuring of questions, dumps also show you how to answer various questions thus boosting your confidence before getting the exam. However, before investing in any dumps, it is paramount to check on their guarantee. This because some dumps may be outdated thus arming you with skills that will be of fewer benefits in the exam. Toease you with the struggle of getting dumps, the following are among the best dumps the ones provided above are of help.


To gain excellent mastery of routing and various skills pertaining virtualization, Cisco 300-115 is a vital tool. To have an easier time passing 300-115 exam, ensure that you follow the steps provided above and use materials quoted. Wishing you the best of luck in your exams!

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