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Basic Elements of Webdesign. How to Create an Effective Website?



How to Create an Effective Website

If you want to become a professional web-designer and consistently perform high-quality projects that allow customers to solve certain problems (increase in sales, improve the convenience of functionality, etc.), then you should know about all the “building materials” of this direction. If you miss something, the overall design is sure to collapse, and local residents (the customer with customers) will clearly remain dissatisfied.

Below we will describe in detail each of the design elements for the site.

1. Space

Space is a kind of foundation for a composition. It is the basis for the entire structure of elements of webdesign. Space is a place of action on which our entire multi-series thriller unfolds. It can be two-dimensional, in the form of a flat picture, or three-dimensional, in a three-dimensional image format.

2. Lines

The first brick involved in building a whole picture after the foundation (space), we can call lines. They represent the most important element for web design, without which it would be difficult to imagine a complete modern site.

Lines are built on the surface using points connected in series. Thanks to them, the general outline and contours of web design are defined, which help the human eye to perceive information in a more comfortable and structured way.

3. Figures

The next element of web design is a figure. It is formed by crossing several lines with each other. Shapes are divided into two kinds:

organic shapes. Such figures can include the outlines of cars, sun, houses, furniture and other objects, creatures, and phenomena that occur in life;

geometric shapes. This type of figure includes: rectangle, diamond, circle, triangle, square, etc.

4. Colour

Also, one of the most important elements of the web site design is color. About its correct selection is mentioned in various step-by-step video courses on web design, so if you want to immerse yourself in this matter, be sure to learn lessons from experts. This knowledge will not be superfluous, because color perception directly affects the human psyche.

Try to imagine for a moment that all sites on the Internet became black and white. It would be the most real torture for people, which soon simply alienated them from the web. Thanks to color, you can convey emotions and set a certain rhythm of thought for the user.

5. Texture

In the design of the web site, thanks to the texture set the appearance and surface of the object. It can be smooth, rough, soft or hard form. Probably you have met on sites background and other elements in the form of wood, leather, iron, etc. Check the texture of this iphone mockup. It is quite a useful tool, however, the main thing here is not to overdo it and use it wisely.

6. Shape

The shape differs from a figure in that it represents a three-dimensional object. It consists of such parameters as width, depth, and height. A shape is created by combining several shapes together and adding shadows.

7. Light shade

Light shade is responsible for dark and light areas belonging to a certain object. This element is represented as an external light source, by means of which highlights and different shadows are superimposed on a certain object. A shade of light helps to give a picture a visual depth.

8. Size

This parameter refers to each individual element. The size of blocks and other objects is determined by the customer during the creation of the terms of reference or by the artist himself before the direct start of web design.

Size is primarily designed to have at least some idea of the future picture. It is defined depending on other elements on a site or concerning all web design as a whole.

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