IDrive Online Backup

Backup Your Data For Less! Get 75% Off on the First Year of IDrive Online Backup (1TB for $14.88)

Backing up your important data is essential to your security, but it can also be pricey, and some backup services don’t give you the best solution for your buck.

We’ve always recommended IDrive as an affordable, secure, and easy-to-use backup app. They won PC Mag’s Editors’ Choice Award for Best Online Backup in 2015, and they offer an innovative pricing model, encryption, and features which help you not only keep your data secure and accessible, but cut costs.

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Now IDrive is offering our readers a special deal on their cloud backup solution: 75% off on 1TB of storage space, so you can backup all of your devices for just $14.88.

Here’s a little more about how IDrive helps you keep your data secure.

IDrive Online Backup

A Fair Price

The classic bait and switch sales trick may be old, but it’s alive and well in the backup industry.

Many backup services will offer you ample storage space for your computer at a reasonable price. Sounds great, except for the fact that most people own more than just one computer.

What some backup services leave out of their pitch is that they’ll charge you more money per extra device. That means if your business runs on a network of smart phones, tablets, computers, and servers, your backup plan will go from cost-effective to costly fast.

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IDrive boasts an innovative one-price-for-all-devices model. You can backup all of your devices–from smartphone to server–for one price. On top of that, they offer industry low prices. This is giving companies an unprecedented opportunity to save money on their backup strategy and reallocate funds into other areas of their business.

Top-Notch Security

As viruses and online theft continue to trouble businesses and personal users alike, it’s important to adopt a backup solution which has evolved its security to battle the latest threats.

Any data backed up with IDrive is secured with sophisticated 256-bit AES encryption (the same relied upon by the military to protect confidential documents), and users have the option of choosing a private key which is known only by them.

In addition to their tough encryption, IDrive has evolved to backup arising software and devices. They’re compatible with TurboTax, a variety of NAS devices and services, as well as iOS, Android devices, and PC, and Mac computers.

With IDrive, all your personal data stays private.

A Disaster-Proof Solution

Data loss spells disaster for the majority of businesses which experience it, and threats to your data can range from coffee spills to hurricanes. With IDrive online, you can backup all of your data to the cloud, from any device, so when disaster strikes, your files are safe.

IDrive also offers Hybrid Backup, so you can backup to the cloud as well as a local drive, enabling you to locally restore data fast while enjoying the security of cloud backup. You can speedily restore your data from a local connection and keep your business operations up and running.

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The Deal

If you’re interested in backing up your data without spending an exorbitant of cash, consider taking IDrive up on their limited-time deal. 75% off on 1TB of storage space is not just affordable. It gives you all the space you need to protect all of your data.

To access IDrive’s deal, click here

  1. Hi Nisha, I found your blog because of the interview you did on Reji Stephenson’s site. I’m pleased I did. I haven’t looked at cloud backup services for a while because I thought them too expensive. I’m pleasantly surprised to find out iDrive is so inexpensive and will rethink my backup strategy.