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Awakening to Artificial Intelligence



Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also popularly known as machine intelligence. The standard definition of AI is any machine that apprehends its situation on a specific environment and takes actions that maximize its chances to achieve its goal. In other words, machines mimic humans characteristics such as learning and problem-solving. AI is constantly widening its hands towards the future generation robot which makes the work of humans more productive and with ease. AI has successfully reached to peak by understanding human speech, by the development of the strategic game, different autonomous industrial operations, military simulation and many more. AI research has been subdivided into subfields such as robotics or machine learning that make use of artificial neural networks or logic to achieve its goals.

Artificial intelligence came into existence at a workshop at Dartmouth College, in 1956, and since then several experiments and studies have been regularly performed by professionals all over the world. Allen Newell, Herbert Simon, John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, And Arthur Samuel became the originator of kings of AI research. They contributed to discovering the problem-solving techniques and methods such as solving algebra, proving logical theorems, etc. Basically earlier many experiments failed due to lack of funding and other circumstances but then the US defense department funded to continue several pieces of research. Involvement of many more professionals and organizations and also an individual came up with new approaches, strategies and gained a bundle of success in the following years.

This field was particularly deployed to conquer human intelligence and put it into the machine so that machine behaves like humans and perform any tasks without any fatigue or boredom and importantly more precisely with lots of ease. There are lots who appreciate AI researchers and donate their time and effort to evolve, explore and try to bring to the world. Everything has its pros and cons as it is believed by many that the development of AI will lead to machine rule, and also the risk of mass unemployment.

Artificial intelligence is further branched into three following types of systems:


It is characterized with cognitive intelligence, it deals in generating a cognitive representation of the surrounding world and based on past experience comes to a decision for future reference. It can be elaborated as the foundation of Direct analytical programs such as IBM’s deep blue chess program, which can calculate its moves much easier than humans and come to a conclusion with the best efficiency.


This AI contains emotional intelligence in addition to cognitive intelligence and considering several facts and characteristics of emotion comes out as the best decision maker. 

Humanized artificial intelligence:

Humanized AI is more of self-consciousness and self-awareness in terms of interacting with others as it combines cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence and also social intelligence. 

The necessity of Artificial Intelligence

The 21st century has witnessed many inventions and Artificial Intelligence is one of it as we are privileged to live in a generation of advancement. During the 90s most of the work was done manually and due to AI now almost everything has automated and taken over by the machines, software and various autonomous processes. Artificial intelligence is nothing but making the machine do the work of humans in a more efficient manner. As we can see now AI systems are available everywhere from homes ( perform daily basic needs of our day to day life) to massive industries (automating the process of production) too.

The basic fundamental of AI is to reduce human effort and deliver the work in an efficient manner, taking less duration, error-free means more accuracy, continuous mode of working without any failure. AI technology is preferred by many organizations to reduce the human effort and set the best production line up for the betterment of humans.

Some of the most major applications of Artificial Intelligence are :


Generally human does a lot of work in any industry but due to the fact such as fatigue, boredom, repetitive work, and many other aspects, humans cannot deliver efficiency to the production. Whereas machines can do all of these work easily without any of the above-said aspects of humans, which turns out to be a great discovery of a fruitful production. AI helps the machine to learn the work of humans and deliver in the most effective manner now whether it is a repetitive work or anything else. Japan leads the convoy of AI involvement in industries as robotics is used to perform most of the task in industries, especially in automobile industries, where almost the entire production is automated under human supervision.

Health Institutions:

AI has also flourished in the areas of health departments such as hospitals and medicine. Recently medical science has drastically changed the way it operated a few years back. Medical science has changed due to the introduction of artificial intelligence and which incredibly achieved many values. The health care has completely gone to a whole another level as various treatment is made possible using AI. Computer-aided medical images have helped the analysis, diagnosis, and processing of any treatment with the help of advanced software.   

FInancial world: 

Banks and other similar organizations have lots of work to be completed, and with humans being doing all these, there is a chance of erroneous operation. Financial operations are now mostly done through software migrated from AI systems. Not only it automates work about also does market analysis, data mining and other sorts of things to provide the best possible results for a financial organization.


AIs involvement in education can improve the future generations to reach its highest level of efficiency, as in the classroom it is not possible for a teacher to reach out all students AI can do it and make a great difference. Even in the case of tutor humans may feel anxiety and bored but AI based machines will never experience that and provide with more accurate information about any topic. It’s not about replacing teachers but to assist them to achieve more with the students.


AI has also extended its hands towards the world of entertainment such as movies, TV programs, advertisement videos, music, etc. Due to its variety in software availability, many things have automated and humans have utilized it to its very best.

There are many more applications which will amuse and excite you to a great extent. So get involved in the world of artificial intelligence and carry the world to a new level.

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