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How Facebook Events Can Help You With Your Marketing?

Most part of marketing revolves around ‘publicity’ and ‘customer relations’. To get that publicity, businesses need to organize some public events that can enhance the customer relations of a business. This formula is most applicable to businesses

How Can Businesses Start Capitalizing With Latest Instagram Stories?

Instagram keeps on surprising the users with its amazing updates and features. The latest update of Instagram is Instagram Stories which let users share a story using images and videos which exist just for 24 hours and

The Rise and Rise of Open Source Speeding Technology Innovation In 2016

Today Open source software is unambiguously the major locomotive of innovation; it may be the power technology like operating systems, big data, cloud or IoT, or fueling the novel generation of open source companies providing solutions to the

How Facebook ChatBots are Revolutionizing the Social Media Marketing?

The marketing world is voracious about the chatbots. Since the day it was revealed by Mark Zuckerberg, it has become the most engrossing topic of discussion. Initially, people were astonished by the news of chatbots. Many were

How Sentimental Analysis leads you to success of your social media campaign

Social media allows us to create great ad campaigns to promote our services and products. We invest a lot on boosting our campaigns and reaching more audience. But, isn’t it necessary to know the emotions and opinions

How can a Small Business Make a Better Influencer Marketing?

Are you a small business marketer expecting better results from influencer marketing? Here in this article, let us see how a small business can easily leverage better results from influencer marketing on social media platforms. Social media

Email Marketing: The Vitality Of Digital Marketing in 2016

With so much happening online, it has become pretty easy for the online business person to converse with their clients and potential audiences online. So many channels, so many ways, so many tricks, in the limelight of