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Google Analytics for iOS Receives a Major Update

There’s good news for online marketers and webmasters worldwide. The Google Analytics for iOS has been updated to the new version v1.2.0. A number of new features have been added that will make reporting and analysis easier

Twitter Launches Periscope for Android

Periscope, the live streaming service had been launched on iOS more than 2 months ago. Twitter has now launched the app for Android users too. While there are many similarities to the iOS version, the app takes

Instagram Now Allows Following Specific Accounts through Notifications

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing site has now made it possible for its users to track any accounts. You will now be able to track all your favorite accounts without letting them know. This can be enabled by

One Black Box to Break all iPhones

The TouchID fingerprint screen lock is considered to be one of the most secure ways to protect your iPhone. But there are darker forces always at work. There is a “box”, a little black box that allows

Do you Know that your iPhone Tracks you 24 Hours?

If you want to track your spouse’s movements, his/her iPhone is your best friend. It can record and save the entire history of where your partner goes, the duration of stay at a location and the frequency

Gmail Receives an Update for More Time Saving and Convenience

Google has updated its popular webmail service, Gmail, and there are some major new updates to keep you sticking with the service. There is a reason Gmail continues to be among the top two email clients. Google’s

Google Chromecast Offers more Control with TV Remote Update

Google’s digital media player Chromecast is a great product streaming HD audio-video content from the internet. But it has had one issue for a long time. It cannot be controlled without using a phone or tablet. Google

Yahoo Mail Users will no Longer have to go through the 2-Level Authentication

Remembering passwords can be a daunting task for most people. With Yahoo and other web mail service providers enhancing their security features, it can also be quite difficult to recover your passwords. This has forced many users

Apple Innovates a New Strategy to Topple Android’s Market Dominance

Android is currently the market leader in the mobile OS segment. iOS is a close second followed by Symbian and Java ME as distant third and fourth. Both the Google Android and Apple iOS control more than

Microsoft Creates a New Product for Businesses by Integrating Skype

Skype has changed the way people used to communicate. Since Microsoft acquired the video-based communication tool, it has been trying to enhance its usage for various applications. In its latest efforts the tech giant has unveiled a