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Google Glass will be Back with v3.0

Google hasn’t drawn the curtains on its “so-legendary” Google Glass experiment yet. It was a few months ago that we heard the latest about the Google Explorer. The v3.0 is in the making and if there are

Hide My IP is highly Recommended for Hiding IP and its Powerful Encryption Features

Most of us don’t know that it is easy for others to find out our computer’s IP address. It is a set of numbers that can give out a lot of information about our computer, our location,

How Google Chrome OS Updates Work?

Even when Microsoft is planning its Windows 10 update and Apple is rolling out iOS 8.2, Google’s Chrome OS seems to be lost more in obscurity. The Google Chromebook Pixel and Acer Chromebook 15 are some of

Microsoft Releases New Skype v5.3 Update for Android

The new Skype update for Android comes with a number of new features. Skype v5.3 now supports emojis and speech-to-text. Besides, if you have several accounts, you can sign-in in to each account. The new Skype for

Affordable VPS Hosting Services from Host1Plus

Searching for web, VPS, dedicated or reseller hosting? Look no more as Host1Plus can provide you with all of them. Not only they provide hosting services but they can also provide SSL security and other tools related

Samsung Plans Android 5.1 Rollout for Certain Galaxy Devices

Samsung Galaxy devices continue to be getting the Android 5.1 L update, and it has been confirmed that Galaxy S4 will be receiving it. The Galaxy S4 was among the first Google Play Edition devices to get

IBM Detects a New Phishing-cum-Phone Call Cybercrime

According to IBM a unique and well-planned phishing-cum-phone call based fraud system has been in operation for some time, which as robbed a number of US businesses off over a million dollars. The company has detected the

12 easy ways to get more followers on Instagram for free

Haven’t you joined Instagram? Aren’t you eager to know why this simple photo sharing network has filled up with more than 150 million users in just few years. Do you want one of your picture to be

Apple Annoys Windows 7 Users by Denying Boot Camp Support for New MacBooks

If you are a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air fan, you should know that there is no way that you could run Windows 7 on the latest versions of the devices. There will be no Boot Camp

Know people better through the Instagram feature of Tinder

If you are single then there is a great chance that you are on Tinder, the widely popular dating app. Social networking sites have a lot of influence on our lives, as they make it easier for

Etisalat UAE Blocks WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

At a time when mobile users across the world are embracing WhatsApp’s free voice calling feature – not actually free as it costs in MBs – telecom carriers across the world are increasingly becoming concerned. Etisalat of

Benefits of Discount Coupons in this Age of Online Shopping

The era of online shopping is here and it will continue to evolve. There are many factors that favor its existence and development – most importantly Internet shopping means more savings and more convenience. As the volume