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FTC Takes No Action against Google Despite Strong Evidence of Search Results Manipulation

Google has been accused of anti-competition activities in a report recently released by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC report states that Google demoted competition local business, shopping and travel services while giving preferential treatment to its

Halo 5 – Guardians to Release this Holiday Season

Halo is one franchise that makes Microsoft feel proud of its gaming venture. For Halo fans, there is good news from the Xbox stables. The next edition in the franchise has been unveiled by the tech giant.

Now Read News Stories Directly on Facebook without Clicking on Links

Today more people get their news updates on social sites than on traditional media. And Facebook is the biggest player in that list. So Mark Zuckerberg cannot afford to miss out on that big opportunity. Now the

Facebook Launches Riff for Creating and Editing Videos of up to 20 Seconds

Facebook has been video conscious for a long time now. It has now released a new video app known as Riff. The social site’s objective behind launching the new app is to make it easier to share

Is Google Trying to Takeover Twitter?

There are rumors abound that Twitter may be in Google’s watchlist for a takeover. There have been claims for some time that Google may be eyeing Twitter to counter Facebook’s growing presence in both the social and

Powerful features of WP Rocket – The Best WP Speed-Enhancing Plugin for Me

I have a number of blogs and websites. All of them power my business and help drive all the leads I need to generate my revenues. But until recently, I was struggling with their speed and performance despite having

Acer Chromebook 15 – Your Performance Laptop

Laptops are meant to be compact, lightweight and easy to carry. Acer seems to be taking a deviation from this and came up with new Chromebook 15 that is designed for getting more work done on a

How to Find Cheap and Reliable Cell Phone Repair Tools

Because of a diverse range of user friendly functions and interesting apps, smart phones have become overwhelmingly popular amongst the users all over the world. Nowadays, we can perform a lot of tasks through smart phones, even

Google has a Long List of Powerful Tips and Tricks for Android Users

An Android device gives you a Google account, and In fact, the search giant has provided dozens of tips and tricks you didn’t know you could do with that account. Some of the favorite tips and tricks from

Google Play Store to have new Age-Based Rating System

Imagine if apps on Google Play Store were rated based on age rather than on a general basis. Most often parents will check the age-related ratings before allowing their kids to download any apps or games. The

New Update for Twitter Mobile Users Explaining Hashtags

The trending topics on Twitter can something become so big that they take the form of national movements. It doesn’t matter whether the topic is of much importance or not. At times things can be confusing when

Why I Built My Online Store with WixStores?

Building an E-commerce website is the new way of doing business. Even large corporations are gradually moving towards offering their products and services through their websites. Especially with the mobile devices market experiencing an explosion in sales,