5 Questions to ask before hiring an SEO consultant

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Hiring an SEO Consultant

If you have started your SEO campaign very recently, trying to rank on the first position of SERPs is a lost battle, specifically since there are probably other brands that have been consistently optimising their websites for a while.

Due to Google continually tweaking and improving its ranking algorithm, identifying the best practices for correctly optimizing your website can get really difficult.

And if you’re not doing it correctly, you run the risk of losing traffic and potential referral revenue.

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As such, it makes sense to hire an experienced digital search group to do the job for you.

These companies have the resources, time and experience to create plans that address every single aspect of SEO, ensuring that your website will be ranking higher and generating more traffic as a result.

Before you hire the first SEO agency you come across, consider asking them these questions to quickly determine whether or not they will be suitable for your particular needs.

5 Questions to ask before hiring an SEO consultant

1. Could You Provide Me with a List of References?

It’s generally agreed that a reliable SEO consultant should be able to provide you with a list of references along with their individual contact information, so you can verify whether he or she did indeed work on specific SEO campaigns.

Reaching out to a past or former client shouldn’t be difficult, and they will probably be happy to briefly share whether they have enjoyed working with that specific consultant.

Keep in mind that clients may not provide you with specific analytics, and they will likely tell you just whether or not their investment has also returned significant results.

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2. Do You Adhere to Search Engines’ Webmaster Guidelines?

Major search engines are publicly sharing their Webmaster guidelines to help website owners and digital marketers create SEO campaigns that can help websites rank higher in SERPs.

Search Engines’ Webmaster Guidelines

These guidelines oftentimes prohibit unethical techniques that strive to artificially manipulate a website’s position, such as duplicate content and paid links.

It’s imperative that your candidate adheres to these webmaster guidelines – on top of driving more traffic and increasing exposure, this helps prevent potential penalties, or even worse, de-indexation of your website.

3. Are You Experienced at Improving Local Search Results?

Companies operating in a specific area and trying to attract nearby customers should implement effective SEO campaigns that optimise their websites for local search results as well.

Hiring a digital search group with experience in local SEO best practices is desirable, as this can make your website show up in SERPs whenever someone nearby searches for keywords that you’ve optimised it for.

This can be done by submitting your website to local search engine directories that cater to a specific geographical area such as Google Places and Bing Local.

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4. Will You Inform Me of All Changes That You Make to My Website?

In most instances, proper search engine optimisation will almost certainly require adjusting portions of your existing web page coding.

As the owner of the website, you must know exactly what changes your SEO consultant is going to make to your pages, and even require him or her to always ask for permission before accessing and altering your website code.

Common questions include:

Will you modify existing HTML title tags or add new ones?

Do you plan to redesign all or some of my website navigation?

Will you add new pages?

Will you provide additional copywriting content highlighting your offering of products or services to make the website more relevant to users’ search inquiries?

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5. How Do You Measure Your SEO Success?

Measuring SEO success is a matter of tracking how much traffic your website receives, and where it is coming from.

Measure Your SEO Success

Your digital search group should be knowledgeable about Google Analytics, a tool that retrieves important data such as the number of inbound links that drive traffic, keywords used by users to find your website, and more.

Ask the company how they plan to use this data to improve your website, and how often they will be sharing important analytics as well as progress with you.

Final Word

If you Google the term “search engine optimisation company,” you are bound to find hundreds of agencies providing these services.

And while some may genuinely care about your interests, others will likely be interested in getting paid without offering too much in return.

Consider comparing different options and always make sure to ask for references to determine whether a specific company is what you need.

  1. Hi Nisha,

    Informative post indeed 🙂

    Honestly speaking, I’ve never thought of hiring a SEO consultant so far – we’ve just been learning things ourselves by seeing what works and what doesn’t as Google is forever changing, and so does the SEO trends. What worked earlier doesn’t work now, and what works now, might further change.

    Nice list of questions we can ask if we hire one. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  2. Hi Nisha Mam,
    Informative post indeed 🙂
    These are the mostly asking questions by the clients to every SEO consultant. and this post not only help the person who is looking to hire an SEO consultant but also help to SEO expert to be ready to answer these common asking questions.
    Thanks for sharing these questions.

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  4. Thanks for this informative post. However questions do have some good points, there’s one issue. You’re assuming the person asking the questions knows enough about SEO.

  5. Hi Nisha

    This is an excellent resource on SEO Consultancy.

    I have never though about a SEO Consultant not to talk of hiring one but your points are interesting and spot on.

    There are some people who are not techy savvy in handling SEO for their website so this will definitely help out.

    Thanks for sharing, Take Care.

  6. Hey Nisha,
    I wasn’t actually concerned about what questions do I have to ask before I hire a SEO consultant while reading this post. But I was actually looking at the other side of the picture.

    “What all can a client ask me before he or she entrusts me with the project?”

    It was quite informative and I will use this article as a basic guide to equip myself.

  7. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Nabeel,

    Its good to know that this post helped you and added to your insight as an SEO consultant.
    SEO experts have to remain updated not only with the developments taking place at the search engine end, but also be prepared for the relevant questions that will be arising from the client end!

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