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Are gaming lounges the future of playing in public?



Virtual reality is one of those technological concepts that will be under a lot of scrutiny in the upcoming years. Many industries could really benefit from revolutionary products and services, but probably the entertainment business, with electronic sports and other games in the leading position, could be the true winner here. Companies and organizations are certainly watching the development closely, ready to implement new enhancements. One suchlike solution might be the growing popularity of gaming lounges.

As electronic sports marketwas growing, there grew a number of lounges – dedicated spaces with all the necessary equipment available for gamers to enjoy their favorite activity. It is a captivating idea that pulls frequent players out of their usual confinement out to the real world. This way they can make new friends while still having fun. Besides, some of the high-end productions tend to have huge requirements which can quickly become too expensive for one’s pocket. The idea of gaming communities allows the cost to be split into smaller parts and clients could try out new games and use the best gear for the price of membership. That investment would pay off for owners after a while, so it is also a good business opportunity – all sides can be satisfied.

A company from New York City under the actual name ‘Player’s Lounge’ took the whole conception on to another level. They started back in 2015 as a small social gaming platform that set itself a goal to engage local communities in playing in-person console tournaments. They would cooperate with bars and pubs across the city. On slow nights, they would bring people ready to compete against each other and socialize between matches after paying some entry fee. At first, it was mostly FIFA but then the executives added titles like Madden, Call of Duty and Fortnite which has gained some recognition recently. The ambitious startup did not stop there but went a little further. Users can now earn actual money for winning games against opponents that are similar in terms of skillset and level of initiation. After funding the account via few available methods players can wager their money on the next match. The company put a lot of effort into calculating proper algorithms for difficulty levels, as well as to eliminate cheating and other issues.

Even renowned gambling facilities want to capitalize on the emerging trends in electronic sports. Various places in the famous Las Vegas resort are always looking to stay in the loop with fresh ideas and expand their offer. While they cannot complain about a lack of tourist newcomers, regular internet users, especially professional poker players, have no trouble finding quality online playing opportunities. Soif Vegas wants to keep winning, there is a real need for improvement. Besides, who wouldn’t want to participate in splitting a nice piece of the promising business cake. This is why casinos are opening up to the industry, introducing modern gamers lounges and creating big e-sports arenas. Virtual reality also affects other money wagering projects, especially betting on sports which could be worth noticing as well.

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