Apple and Android

Apple Innovates a New Strategy to Topple Android’s Market Dominance

Android is currently the market leader in the mobile OS segment. iOS is a close second followed by Symbian and Java ME as distant third and fourth.

Both the Google Android and Apple iOS control more than 89% of the overall market share between them. Android holds around 46.8%, while iOS has a market share of 42.6%.

It is usually unheard of that one of these two major players creates some offers to lure users from the other side. Apple is doing exactly that because innovativeness is something that comes naturally to Steve Job’s brand.

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The Cupertino, California based company is said to be designing a unique gift-card based programme in which Android users will be able to switch to an iPhone. The scheme is going to extend onto BlackBerry users as well.

This is so unlike the currently existing schemes like iPhone Reuse and Recycle programmes where users can turn in their old Apple device.

Apple and Android

In fact, Apple’s retail store staffs are already receiving training on how to migrate user address books to their new iPhones. The consumer electronics giant has already achieved record sales with its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

This scheme is expected to give it enough response to topple Android from the top position.

If reports are accurate, the programme will be available to Android users in the next few weeks. Despite Android devices holding onto a larger bulk of the market share, iPhone continues to be a larger brand in terms of value.

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RecApple has already taken away the lead from Samsung as the largest smartphone maker in the world, in Q4 2014. While the Cupertino based company sold 25 million more units during the quarter y-o-y, Samsung sold 10 million lesser units in its year-on-year comparison for Q4.

The company hasn’t made any official announcement yet, but rumours are plentiful that many Android users will be able to get an iPhone in their palms using a gift card within the next few weeks.