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Apple Annoys Windows 7 Users by Denying Boot Camp Support for New MacBooks

If you are a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air fan, you should know that there is no way that you could run Windows 7 on the latest versions of the devices. There will be no Boot Camp support for the OS for the latest MacBooks. The best Windows bet for Apple’s laptops will be a Windows 8-plus upgrade.

The Boot Camp allows Mac users to switch to Windows. Apparently, Apple understands that there are many Mac users who would prefer Microsoft’s OS rather than its own OS X. There are users that still love to play with Windows on their Apple devices despite having limited programs to use.

New MacBooksThose who have Windows 7 could rely on other operating systems that will easily work on their MacBooks. For example, you could use VMware Fusion 7 Pro and Parallels Desktop 7 with all the Windows versions up to XP. They can also be used with Apple’s OS X versions.

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There are speculations that not enabling Windows 7 in the Boot Camp can turn down the interests of many MacBook users. The popularity of Windows 7 can be judged from the fact that currently it is the most widely used operating system. Apple followed a similar pattern with its 2013 MacBook Pro and caused a stir with its users.

Apple currently has the 5th largest PC market share in the world. Any move to cut back on Boot Camp support for the most popular OS will have at least some impact on its own popularity. In the US, Apple’s PC market share, only for Mac systems, has put it in the 3rd place.

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Microsoft is already planning a Windows 10 update, as its Windows 8 didn’t receive as much acceptance as the previous version. Apple has been known for standing by its dictums, and it will be difficult to see that its Boot Camp will allow new MacBook users to be using Windows 7.

  1. ya its amazing feature now. as we know that everyone want to use apple laptop but when time for OS compatibility everyone flexible with windows all version because of its user friendly.. @Nisha really great that now we can use windows on apple laptop also. you are first person to provide this news please tell me that its official announcement or not

  2. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Ethan,

    Actually, you could use the Boot Camp for using Windows 8 on your Mac. This is official!

    Have a great day!

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