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An overview of Hackathon



What is the hackathon all about?

This is termed to be a new aspect that is spreading like wildlife in the IT world. Many people have come across the term hackathon software, but do not know what it is actually about, what is their role in it, if there is a team event and the size of the team, etc. According to the experts, the hackathon is termed to be a day long (about 36-46 hours) coding competition. Here, software developers, programmers and designers, etc. participate together to design and developing something new and useful to the society as a whole.

Who is eligible to attend the hackathon?

Anyone having a better understanding of software technology and eager to learn something new and creating something useful for the organization or society can participate in it. In case, a specific audience like the college students is targeted, then it is only college students who will be allowed to participate in it.

Is it illegal?

The term ‘hack’ is synonymous with something negativity and illegal. Hence, it is a common wrong perception among people is that hackathons are actually to ‘hack’ into something! Rather, it is about developing something, which can be just about anything!

Is there required prior programming experience to participate?

According to the experts, anyone having basic programming knowledge will be able to participate. Usually, different types of organizations are known to hold workshops across the hackathon and allow everyone’s participation, irrespective of the kind of programming knowledge possessed by them. It can be newbies eager to learn something about any specific topic or someone really experienced in their domain. There are also available mentors round the clock to provide assistance and useful information. Hence, those interested to participate in the hackathon without actually knowing what is desired to be achieved, can also gain useful and crucial information and knowledge from the mentors present. It is possible to derive good guidance.

How much to be paid for attending the hackathon session?

Attending the hackathon session is entirely free, since no charges are taken from the attendants. But the participants need to be someone who should be genuinely interested in contributing towards the development or interested to gather new knowledge on any programming and development. Few hackathons are also known to offer travel reimbursements.

Is the hackathon event a team event?

Teams are formed in the event to work upon the project. This provides the individual with an opportunity to share ideas with the others in the team and to gain new ones that can prove to be useful in future endeavors. It also allows them to work in real life setting and to face and understand the challenges associated with the project and to come up with the most effective solutions. It is how the industry is said to work. The participant needs to learn to be productive, skillful, knowledgeable, work with a team having different skill set and coming from different backgrounds, etc. The hackathon is indeed the best event to get indulged completely and to learn new ways and strategies and be used to it.

The teams generally involve four people in maximum. The attendant can work on his own if desired! But working with a team does come with its own merits as it allows the individual to learn a lot. Even if the person is a stranger in front of the others, it really does not matter. Majority of the hackathons conducted across the globe are found to be ‘Meet & Greet’ events, prior to the actual event. Here the person is required to discuss with the attendees and search for teammates.

Why is there a need to attend a hackathon?

For any individual, attending the hackathon can be termed to be a win-win situation. Few reasons are given below:

  • Helps to meet new talented people who can provide new ideas and valuable solutions.
  • Meet recruiters from different brands who may be more than willing to hire a particular individual or a group who are more committed and found highly knowledgeable with great expertise.
  • Can mention the event in the resume which can only help to enhance getting better job opportunities, not only in the city or country, but also abroad.
  • No cost involved.
  • Provides an excellent platform to learn new programs and aspects as well as get to know about new solutions that can be applied on various aspects.
  • Free food and swag!

What to hack at the hackathon?

As mentioned above, it is possible to develop anything at the hackathon event. This can probably be a Chrome extension, iOS/Android app, web app, a website or just about anything and everything imaginable! Most hackathons are said not to have any specific requirements or themes set in advance for the participants to follow. Rather, it is termed a free environment. Literally, the person is allowed to code in whatever desired to be achieved. However, if the person is focused extremely on any specific theme like Sustainability or probably on anything associated with web development, then he/she is sure to come across such type of themed hackathons to participate in. organizations can also gain immensely from.

What are hackathons meant for?

For organizations, hackathons do have plenty to contribute to its development, further progress, be innovative and to stay in competition. The experts state that swift execution right from coming up with innovative ideas to marketing has become the major competitive advantage for each and every software company. It allows them to grow and survive even in those turbulent times that are often witnessed periodically. Hence, hackathons are being used to combat such challenges and to overcome it. Hackathons are rather viewed by software companies as a potential solution to tackling fundamental business problems as to how revenues can be generated from an idea. It spans several phases, ranging from idea development to producing software prototype. But hackathons do pose a challenge as to how those promising prototypes can be transformed into finalized products, to help create real business value and revenue.

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