Myths about Affiliate Marketing

Most Common Myths about Affiliate Marketing Unveiled

Whenever we talk of digital marketing, the common things that come into our mind include Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Landing Page Optimisation and many other sorts of marketing methodologies. But the most ignored one is affiliate marketing.

It is often a behind-the-scenes channel that remains in action without being visible; it just serves to attract traffic and sales from different parts of the world, establishing the relationships with the customers that you might not have found adopting any other way.

In fact, we all click on numerous affiliate ads in our routine without even realising it.

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Marketing through affiliate programs is something easily overlooked and misunderstood oftentimes, but it is potentially one of the most prominent contributors in business revenue.

And, the people not having complete information regarding the term “Affiliate Marketing” seem to spread wrong words that mislead others as well.

Hence, it’s the best time to uncover such myths.

Myths about Affiliate Marketing

Let’s discuss three of the most common misconceptions spread about affiliate marketing along with the truth lying behind:

Myth 1: Affiliate Marketing is disappearing (or already Dead, According to Some)

The fact is that affiliate marketing is not disappearing, it is changing in the form that we know it.

The recent update from Google’s Penguin Algorithm has drastically changed the landscape of affiliating, restricting affiliates from the practices of link-spamming, being strict about unique content on the website and reducing the banner displays.

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Gone is the time when ad banner sites comprising latest deals and offers were massively produced.

Failure to comply is just an action by Google whereby your website gets shifted to the bottom search results for being ignorant with the important aspects.

While this was a certain drop-off in the affiliate activities (and obviously a bit of panic situation for affiliates), it was merely a matter of time and has been adapted now. Banner Ads are not mobile-compatible due to the size of images, hence no longer effective.

They are all replaced by Text Links – you can easily find one-sentence ads in between the articles or blog you follow and read.

This helped to create a more flawless and fascinating experience, in contradiction to the usage of banner images over the page that consumes valuable display space.

Also, with the advancement of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the scope for affiliate marketers has extended progressively.

They’re like affiliate marketer’s dream come true as they constantly change feeds that can be used for tailoring new ads and marketers gain  valuable data about the habits of shoppers.

This market is going to expand larger with time. Therefore, affiliates are not dead; you see them regularly probably not recognising.

Myth 2: Affiliate Marketing is all about Sales and earning Commission

Sales are just one of the many benefits that affiliate marketing offers to a business. Some of the most prominent goals of affiliating marketing are attaining new customers and maximum traffic.

Affiliate marketers are not just limited to sales or commission; there are a lot of other things including leads, clicks, acquisitions, sign-ups, landing pages, visitors, and even SEM review and SEO compliance.

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It is the affiliate traffic that impacts your website’s traffic flow. Also, it helps to monitor potential frauds like fraud orders, paid search, trademark violations, and ad-spoofing that can affect your company’s ROI.

One of the most enticing aspects of affiliates activity is proliferating rewards and loyalty programs. Using the compelling taglines and texts, they get you a bulk amount of traffic.

Myth 3: Affiliate Programs are a Source of Easy Money

Many people think that affiliate activity simply means adding a link to your pages and sales will start flowing in. Actually it is not that easy, otherwise everybody would have opted to do it.

There is a lot of significant work that takes place behind-the-scenes. Marketers have to take complete care of their promotions as outdated information could kill sales. They maintain regular communication to keep customers updated with latest offers

After reading the truth behind the myths, you might have realised how important is the role of affiliate programs in the online market.

So, next time when you will be clicking any coupon or ad, you will be aware that someone is there working to provide you the best experience.

Also, for those who want to earn extra fortune, it is one of the best ways that you can employ along with your routine tasks without being a technical expert.

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All you need to do is understand the clients’ requirements and tweak out the best methods that you can follow to spread a word about the product and services being offered.

And, Instead of following anything you get to know from unreliable sources, go for individual research so as to avoid any confusion that can restrict you from potential income.

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