Affiliate Marketing Training for Bloggers

Blogging has many advantages;  through your blog you can share your knowledge with  the world or go even further and make money from it.

Affiliate marketers who are just starting out could benefit from having their affiliate website as a blog.

Affiliate blogs give bloggers more freedom in advertising and allow them to gain the trust of the niche by writing posts that solve problems.

There are also many tools for affiliates to use on their blog, tools that could accelerate your affiliate marketing growth and bring in more sales.

Many affiliate marketing training also focus on how to use blogs in affiliate marketing, so I am going to give you  a great start here; then you could build on from other learning materials.

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Setup your Affiliate Marketing Blog

If you don’t have a blog yet, then you could get started by:

  1. Buying a domain name ($10/year)
  2. Getting a web hosting account ($50/year)
  3. Installing WordPress blog platform (free)

Domain name: Some affiliate marketers launch blogs solely to promote a certain product, and if you are doing the same then pick your domain name with the product’s brand name in mind.

For example, if your product named “ProductX” then you could buy a domain name like “”

This will give you a slight benefit in SEO when you are trying to rank your blog for the product’s keywords.

But I strongly recommend that your domain name contains a niche keyword and not a product keyword.

This will allow you to sell multiple affiliate products and gain SEO traffic from multiple keywords.

Web hosting: Although there are many cheap web hosting accounts, you still need to check customers’ reviews.

One factor that could affect your affiliate marketing website is having a low loading speed (Uptime).

You probably won’t have to worry about that if you are getting less than 400 visitors a day, which for most beginner affiliate marketers is good enough.

WordPress: This is the most widely used platform for blogs today  and by using it you could benefit from tons of plugins that are developed to help affiliate marketers with their blog.

If you already own a blog then you could skip these steps and follow the next steps.


Write Quality Blog Posts

Writing quality articles is not limited to professional copywriters; if you have enough knowledge about any subject then you could write great in-depth posts about it.

I will try to help you in this affiliate marketing training to write posts that work well in affiliate marketing, with certain ingredients added; you will end up with great content.

Your blog needs to be informative and have posts that solve the problems of the niche.

Also when you are writing your posts, you need to think about SEO.

This can be done by doing keywords research to find which keywords people are searching, and then write about these keywords.

Google provides a handy tool for generating great writing ideas that are being searched.

So go over to Google and type in your niche keyword and then “a,b,c and up to z”


All these keywords provide great writing ideas, but more than that, they provide you with problems that the niche suffers from and that could be solved with tools.

For example, “gain weight app” above is something that could not be solved by writing a post and instead people are looking for tools.

You could write a post about weight gain in general and then have a nice tool developed so people could use it.

This will give you an immense amount of trust and will make more people bookmark your affiliate blog and share it on social media websites.

If you have trouble creating tools because you are not a programmer, or you don’t have a budget to hire one then you could use one of online calculators’ builders out there.

Just search Google for “build calculator for my site” and you will get a great list of calculator builders.

And if you have more experience in the niche, then you could write actionable posts.

Try to address a problem and guide your visitors step by step on how to solve it; these kinds of posts are most effective when it comes to building your niche reputation and authority.


Affiliate Marketing Programs Finding

Affiliate programs are also referred to as “affiliate products”, these are what you will be promoting and making money from.

There are many affiliate networks that you could sign up for and access their marketplace to browse through various profitable products.

A great affiliate network that comes to mind and offers 100s of high paying products is Clickbank.

And if you visit their marketplace of products you could see that they are spread across pretty much any niche you could think of.


Picking a high paying product doesn’t always convert better than lower paying product.

There are other factors that come into play, like:

  • Its Reputation
  • Affiliate Competition

Products with bad reputation will harm your affiliate profits, because when people buy such products and they don’t like them, then they refund them.

High refunds rate on your affiliate product is  a great waste of  your marketing efforts and  your own reputation.

People won’t trust you any longer if you recommended a product to them which  failed to live up to their expectations.

It is also worthy to mention that when you recommend products on your affiliate website, don’t over sell it and falsely hype it.

You need to be honest with your product reviews so people won’t get disappointed in the product and refund it.

Affiliate competition is another factor to look for when picking your affiliate products.

This is more relevant when you are trying to rank your product review page on Google.

If the product is popular and has many affiliates promoting it then you will find it harder to rank on Google for it.

You need to run a basic Google search for “YourProduct reviews”


You see the product I am searching Google for above, has so many top affiliates promoting it.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid promoting such products, in contrary, high affiliate competition means that the product is of high quality.

But it also means you need to put an extra effort in promoting it and perhaps spend some money on paid ads campaigns since you know it will convert well.


All in all, affiliate marketing is a great monetization method for bloggers and it proved to be a great source for consistent monthly income.

But like any online business, you need to make sure that you are doing things the right way and getting a comprehensive affiliate marketing training can lead you to affiliate marketing success.

But no affiliate marketing course or training can guarantee you success without having a mindset of success and hard work and commitment.