Acclaimed Reasons behind the Enormous Recognition of RoR Development Framework

railslogoRuby on Rails (RoR) is the merger of the programming language Ruby and the web programming framework Rails. The ruby on rails development framework emphasizes on two chief development philosophies namely CoC (Convention over Configuration) and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself).

As per CoC development philosophy, a major part of the configuration data with the help of implementing practical conventions can be excluded. However, when required such conventions can be overridden too with the configuration.

On the other hand as per DRY, every element of a web application is distinctively located and the icing on the cake is there is no requirement to repeat it all over again across different files.

Factors that make RoR provide the best performance

After a brief on RoR framework, below are a couple of factors that make this software development provide the best performance, scoring over other existing open source technologies. These include,

  • Open source- RoR is an open source language and the community surrounding it is both helpful and thriving. This language is excellent with truly idealistic user experience making it attractive for being utilized by new developers.
  • Quick Market launch- Ruby on Rails programming process is faster while the coding length is cut down by and large. It translates minimal time to develop a website resulting in decrease in the launch time.
  • Feature-filled language- RoR is quite impressive merging a handful of excellent characteristics of every dynamic language, gathering ideas from the finest, static and strongly-typed languages for blending them into a paradigm that is object-oriented for getting utmost things done devoid of having to write huge amounts of code. Here the coding is less yet well-structured thereby making experimentation, reusing, iteration and editing quite easy.
  • Rapid development tool- Here it is not configuration but convention that decides the Ruby on Rails development model. This indicates that once one has mastered in doing tasks in the way which the language expects them to do, then several heavy lifting can be done via it on their behalf. One’s work will be done quickly particularly in case of several types of development task.
  • Inexpensive- RoR framework is the most affordable way of building rich internet apps. With this, the scalability and performance of one’s website will not be sacrificed.
  • Tool options- This system is simple with sufficient ideas for development. Besides, this framework’s ecosystem is equipped with a host of excellent tools that help in fulfilling any requirement which may crop up in a developer’s mind.
  • Content management- For those who intend of supplying their site with video and audio files, Ruby on Rails is the perfect choice which offers users the simplicity of navigation at the time of browsing the website.
  • Well documented- RoR framework’s language is highly well documented. In fact the web comprises of a plethora of resources such as high quality, fun and effective for following video tutorials that are accessible for pay and free alike. Thus these are superior than many books and there are vast communities and support group to help one if they face any kind of issue.
  • Code-based data model- The data model for RoR should be defined with a code. Post creation of the initial data model, the change should be made via the support of scripts for manipulating the model.

Day by day the importance of Ruby on Rails development framework is rising as all sites are writing applications for the web. Via writing such frameworks, the web developers’ task is made easier. It also provides the top performance in combination of JavaScript, CSS and HTML for the presentation. Owing to these luring features it will not be wrong to say that RoR framework is indeed a must-do thing especially if one desires in staying in sync as per the changing times.

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