8 Mistakes that an Amateur Blogger should Avoid

Blogging takes quite a lot of skill, practice, patience, and effort on your part to give you the desired result. I’ve found many bloggers failing because of not making the right choices.  Though mistakes cannot be avoided totally, I think some of the major ones can be prevented, if you know about them. Being new to blogging, every aspect of the post may look overwhelming to you. I’ve summed up 8 common mistakes you can very well avoid and get your site running smoothly.


1. Not focusing on the design

I’ve seen many bloggers not paying attention to what should and what shouldn’t be on their site. For instance, the Meta widget does not do anything to your site except for misleading the visitors to your blog. Similarly I’d strongly recommend avoiding using general tag clouds like Yahoo, Google, tips etc as they do not have much SEO value. A good layout and premium theme will work wonders to your blog and make your site impressive, which is what you need to do as the first step.

2. Common domain name

Though free domain names may look attractive, I don’t think they add any value to your site. The kind of exposure you want will not occur, if you do not customize your domain name. What I suggest is every blogger should have the appropriate control over his site and make it look professional, which a free domain name cannot do.

3. Plagiarism

Though much has been said and done on this matter, I feel that plagiarism effectively kills whatever ranking you had targeted on. I’ve noticed that blogs with quality content stand out appealingly and always attract visitors.  What I suggest is that if you do want to publish content from other sites, you can always cite the source as reference or acquire author’s permission. This will add a genuine look to your post.

4. Improper quality control

Content that is not checked for grammar and spelling errors, using complex terms, not giving sufficient information are some of the frequent errors that most bloggers commit. Apart from these, not updating the posts regularly and giving monotonous and run of the mill stuff also make visitors shun your site. I’d suggest using content that is fresh, innovative, and frequently updated, so you do not bore your visitors and retain their interest totally.

5. Long drawn and boring content


However interesting your content is, if you present it in long paragraphs without any bullets or number system, the readers will soon lose interest easily and move over to other presentable sites. What I propose is make your content presentable with right titles, subheadings, and bullets. And don’t forget the images. I’ve found that people look at the images first, then the title, and finally focus on the content. Make sure you have your priorities right.

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6. Flooding the post with ads

This is like putting a cart before the horse. Advertisements are very distracting and visitors will move on to other sites without reading the content. If you want to profit from your blog, I think the best way is to first increase your visibility and then start posting the ads. This would give them more credibility and the response will be heightened too.

7. Not filtering comments

This could well end up in spoiling your reputation permanently. Don’t allow visitors who do not share genuine information or comments. Use good spam filters and make sure only the legitimate comments are seen.

8. Not using share buttons

This is the last but not the least one you should focus on. Social media is seen as the best way to get instant success. Not using the share buttons is like blocking traffic to your site. I’d suggest using sharing tabs of all the popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

End Words

With millions of blogging sites out there, being seen can become a big problem. To attract visitors, you always need to look different and refreshing. As an amateur blogger, the best way for you to go about it is identifying the pitfalls and correcting them promptly.


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  1. Excellent article, Nicha. My personal opinion is that top 3 mistakes are – not having a business modeal, choosing wrong niche and having wrong expectations. Probalby 99% of bloggers fail due to these 3 critical mistakes, anything else can be fixed easily excepts these 3.

  2. It really make me mad when seeing a blog that has more ads that the post itself and when you click anywhere on the site, a popup will open. That’s really frustrating and annoying.

  3. Nice article, I’d check this mistakes my self if they apply to my self

  4. Thanks for your words kaloyan.

  5. Great Mark

  6. Very true Rudd

  7. Thanks nisha for sharing your views.your article is really helpful.

  8. Thanks for your words Singh

  9. valuable tips there..
    thanks for that
    agree with ur point on ads strongly

  10. Thanks Kamar for your kind words

  11. nice post mam . is my domain is okk???

  12. Very useful article new bloggers should read this. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  13. Yes, its nice. Keep it up.

  14. Nisha you are certainly right on point with this post 🙂
    I see where many new bloggers overlook quite a few things
    you have pointed out.

    But I gotta say that nothing sends me running away from
    anybody’s blog faster than long boring content…who has
    time for that these days?

    Anywhoo, great post my friend keep em coming 🙂

  15. Thanks for stopping by here Jeiffer. keep visiting and commenting.

  16. Hello Terry,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the nice comment.

    Rather than posting a long boring content, keep it short and well informative. Which can help the readers most.

    keep visiting.

  17. Hi Nisha,
    The mistakes you have pointed out are common with newbies. Thankfully, you just reminded everyone of the dangers of making them.

    To add a voice into this piece, every newbie must understand that blogging is not about create content and sharing it on a blog. It is much more than that.

    In fact, blogging is about creating REAL VALUE. It is this value that would get rewarded by visitors/audience/readers. Value creation with blogging requires knowledge, skill, and sacrifice. Hence, every blogger must make effort to research the best practices for successful blogging.

    If a newbie does not research the what and how to blog successfully, then he/she would be making the greatest “BLOGGING MISTAKE”.

    I left this comment in where this post was shared and upvoted.

  18. Andrew M. Warner

    Great post Nisha,

    If I can add one thing that I see amateurs doing that’s a horrible mistake and that’s not editing their posts. Or double checking their posts I should say.

    Posts with spelling mistakes and horrible formatting are major things that can cause readers to leave that post. So they should be avoided.

    Otherwise, great post and great points.

    I saw this post on

    – Andrew

  19. Hi Nisha

    Very well researched post with the most relevant and fatal mistakes which amateur bloggers must avoid.

    There are no doubt many mistakes which directly lead them to the ultimate failure; that is why it is better to avoid committing them once they know about it.

    All the mistakes you pointed in this post are really very fatal if amateur bloggers don’t take of their cognizance and do corrective measures to offset their effects.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this more than awesome post.

    I found it at and also kingged it there.

    Have a great rest of the week.

  20. Hi Nisha,

    These are some great facts that you have presented that can destroy anyone’s success at blogging. Plagiarism is a big NO NO and anyone who does it, does not deserve to be successful. I think it is despicable for someone to copy someone’s hard work and call it their own.

    I also think flooding your posts with ads and having a poor design can falter blogging success as well, but I have seen some very simple blogs get a lot of attention. They have great content and a good marketing strategy. I think those two are the most important for blogging success. Thanks for sharing!


  21. Hello Terry,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the nice comment.

    Rather than posting a long boring content, keep it short and well informative. Which can help the readers most.

    keep visiting and have a great week ahead!

  22. Hello Sunday,

    Welcome to my blog.

    Yes, you are very right that blogging is more than content creation and sharing.

    This mistakes can help newbie bloggers to understand the process of blogging.

    Thanks for your valuable comments and stopping by here.

    Have a great week ahead!

  23. Hi Andrew,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your wonderful comment.

    Yes, you are very true, No proofreading is a big mistake what newbies used to do. They should double check their article before publishing.

    Thanks for stopping by here.

    Have a great week ahead!

  24. Hi Muba,

    A great Welcome to my blog.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    You are right, newbies should avoid these mistakes for better presence.

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  25. Hello Lawrence,

    A great welcome to my blog and thanks for the wonderful comment.

    Yes, I agree with your points. Having a high quality content and great marketing plan can drive more traffic and they can also get success in blogging.

    Thanks for stopping by here and keep visiting.

    Have a great week ahead!

  26. Hello Nisha,

    Indeed an informative post.

    Everyone does mistake. But our responsibility to warn them from making a mistake. Here you have done well to fulfill your responsibility. You pointed out all the possible mistake which a newbie may do at the time starting his blog. All the points are equally important to get success in the field of blogging.

    Always try to avoid copy from other blogs. And write only those content which you have good knowledge. Don’t put too much advertisement on your blog.

    Thank you for sharing this tutorials. I hope that it will be an useful tips for the greenhorns.

    I have found your post from Kingged and I kingged your post too.


  27. Hello Sarmista,

    Welcome to my blog.

    Thanks for your kind words. To get success in blogging, the newbies has to implement with these mistakes and they should avoid using them.

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  28. Excellent article nisha… i learned few new things n looking forward to implement them on my blog… Keep up the good work.. keep sharing ur knowledge.. cheers

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    I am glad that you liked it and implement on this. Hope, this will be helpful for you.

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    Have a nice day!

  30. Hi Nisha,

    I feel that all bloggers whether amateur or not should keep your points in mind for their success.

  31. Hi Rajaraman,

    I am agree with your words.

    These points can be pointed out by both Amateur as well as experienced bloggers.

    Thanks for stopping by here.

    Have a good day ahead!

  32. one of the best things about this post is its catchy title. I’m also a new blogger, and just spotted some mistakes I’ve already made like poor website design, and willing to tow another path which pro bloggers take. Just got a domain name after reading about its relevance in this post. Good thing you shared this!!

  33. talking about plagiarism, I’ve seen blog’s with copied content still do with the right number of quality backlinks. most newbies bloggers just go ahead and advertise and still earn lots of cash.