8 Keyword Tracking Tips And Tools To Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy

The importance of keywords in any online marketing strategy is well known. A lot of effort and research go into selecting of keywords for the SEO marketing strategy that is used by marketers. Keyword phrase rankings will give marketers an idea of the performance of keywords used for the marketing strategy. However, various factors influence the ranking of keywords. The rankings are usually based on sophisticated and proprietary technologies. Therefore, the rankings will differ based on the SERPs of different search tools.

Keyword tracking tools

Content marketing is not a simple task as it involves a lot of planning and research. To know more about content marketing, click here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_marketing. If you want to run a successful content marketing strategy that has a lot of dependence on SEO and search engine rankings, you will have to use some keyword tracking tools as part of your strategy.

Eight Keyword Tracking Tips and Tools

1.       WebCEO

  • WebCEO is a software product that will provide you keyword rankings from the popular search engines.
  • The software has options to view a history of ranking of the keywords and shows the other keywords that are ranking for the same page
  • The results can be manually adjusted before you provide reports related to the success of the content management strategy.

2.       SEOmoz Pro

  • SEOMoz Pro allows you to add keywords to the campaign easily.
  • It will provide you with a sense of rankings that have prevailed over time.
  • It offers automated reports that can be used to analyze if the marketing strategy is performing as planned.

3.       SheerSEO

  • SHeerSEO is a great tool to test out potential keywords that are part of your content marketing strategy.
  • The performance history of the keywords can be got using this tool
  • You will be able to identify if the popularity of the keyword will continue and if the current popularity is just an anomaly.
  • This tool gives you the top 200 keyword rankings in Google, which is a great feature.

4.       SEMrush

  • SEMrush does not provide you the control level over keywords like other tools.
  • It does provide you with an incredible amount of information related to the keyword
  • The tool’s database monitors more than 90 million keywords
  • The rankings provided are not real time and are based on recent average

5.       Browser extensions

  • Desktop apps like SEO SERP Workbench, which is a Chrome extension will provide you with a snapshot of your search performance.
  • Rank checker from SEO Book, is another extension that is popular for checking keyword performance.

6.       iPhone & Mobile

  • Mobile devices like the iPhone can be used to check keyword rankings instantly.
  • IPhone and other Mobile apps are available to help search for keyword rankings

7.       Friends

You can request one of your friends to carry out a quick keyword search so that you can compare those results with yours. This will help you to get keyword search results from different locations and will help you in fine-tuning the content marketing strategy.

8.       Search Engine Spot Checks

You can check the rankings by using search engines like Google. However, always be aware of the rankings displayed as search engines will give preference to some sites and will give out personalized results. This search has to be done after you have logged out of your Google account and disabled your browsing history.

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    I like semrush and mozpro and i using both of tool for keyword research.

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